Wu Qian, a court-style white dress is really beautiful, seek the same style!

Wu Qian, known as the flower of Wu University, has a sweet appearance, tall figure, and a warm and sunny personality circle of countless fans, she is also constantly honing her acting skills, whether it is a costume drama or an urban drama, regardless of the size and style of the role, she has worked hard and bravely performed, and has been praised and recognized by the public.

In the latest set of photos, Wu Qian’s court-style white dress is so beautiful, netizens are asking for the same style! Fresh and elegant white, coupled with a gentle tulle material, the palace’s heavy work style design, very sweet and warm, noble atmosphere, fashionable and elegant, romantic and charming, people are amazing.

The cape-style neckline design is very unique and exciting, noble and generous, and the design of the waist and black wide brim belt shows the slim figure and moving posture, which is very charming. The delicate and beautiful multi-layer tulle skirt design adds a romantic style and a sense of high fashion, and the whole look is breathtaking.

With a pair of white high heels, it shows a tall figure, fresh and elegant makeup and gentle and flowing long hair, more ladylike charming, elegant and generous, showing a bright smile and lifting the skirt to bloom happily Wu Qian, very dazzling and exciting.

The white transparent tulle is romantic and wonderful, coupled with the court-style lace decoration, it is more beautiful and moving, full of high-end sense, and the side body shows a graceful posture, and the delicate side face and fair posture are beautiful and exciting.

The design of the semi-high neck and the lace of the small flying sleeves are very delicate and unique, romantic and elegant, bringing the lightness and sexiness of tulle to the extreme, showing slender and slender arms and a slim figure, and the delicate face and gentle hair show Wu Qian’s gentleness and sweetness.

Wu Qian’s court-style white dress is really beautiful, exquisite and aesthetic, romantic and elegant, showing the goddess temperament and girlish feelings, such beauty is too touching.