“When you go home, you can’t leave a single one behind!” The story of 137 Fujian doctors in Wuhan is tearful

N Haidu reporter Chen Yanyan Xia Yuqing

On January 27, Fujian Province sent a medical team to assist Hubei, with a total of 137 medical personnel. Their righteous deeds have touched the hearts of many Fujian fathers and fellow villagers, 4 days have passed, are they okay?

In the early hours of this morning, Haidujun contacted Ning Yongxin, the leader of the Fujian medical team, who had just met with the heads of the hospital, physician and nursing teams to make arrangements for the new day’s work.

Members of the Fujian medical team encouraged each other

Ning Yongxin said that this time, the Fujian medical team supported the Houhu Branch of Wuhan Central Hospital, less than 3 kilometers away from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. After the medical team came to Wuhan, after two days of training, it just entered Wuhan Central Hospital yesterday and took over a ward to carry out clinical treatment.

Ning Yongxin (first from left) repeatedly told the team members to protect and treat scientifically

“This is a war without gunsmoke, be careful!” Ning Yongxin said that this time, the Fujian medical team will always implement 16 words: scientific protection, scientific treatment, complete the task, and return safely. Therefore, before entering the hospital, the medical team conducted 2 days of training and made precise deployment, striving to achieve zero infection after taking up the job, “When I go home, none of the team members can be missing!” ”

The members of the Fujian medical team were fully armed and began to “fight”

January 27

As soon as they arrived in Wuhan, the medical team set up a temporary party organization. There are 55 party members in the team, divided into 7 party groups, which is convenient for exemplary role.

The 135 team members were divided into four groups, namely the hospital sensory management team, the physician group, the nursing team, and the coordination and publicity team, which facilitated the division of labor and cooperation.

January 28

According to the recommendation of the Fujian medical team, the Wuhan municipal government built four tents outside the hotel where the medical team stayed, equipped with ultraviolet disinfection machines, disinfectant water and hand sanitizer. After the team members go out, they have to change their clothes and shoes in the tent, and thoroughly disinfect them before returning to the hotel. Every day, a professional sanitize company will come to disinfect 2 times.

On the morning of January 28

The National Health Commission arranged two experts to teach at the station to explain the transmission route, development trend and current situation of the pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus to the members of the Fujian medical team.

On the afternoon of January 28

Five hospital sensory experts from the Fujian medical team rushed to the Houhu Campus of Wuhan Central Hospital to explore the hospital’s hospital sensory control on the spot and check the safety of the team members.

On the same day, hospital experts put forward rectification suggestions:

1. Wuhan Central Hospital Houhu Campus was originally a general hospital, not a specialized hospital, the ward ventilation is poor, easy to breed bacteria and viruses, it is recommended to close the return air outlet, only mechanically send fresh air, properly open large windows, strengthen air circulation.

2. The hospital has poor ventilation for taking off protective equipment, and it is recommended to equip a dynamic air disinfection machine.

3. Before the team members go to work, they need to be fully armed, but there is no full-length mirror, it is not clear whether they are armed in place, it is recommended to put a mirror in the changing room and the place where the protective equipment is taken off.

4. The medical team lacked 135 pairs of work shoes.

At about 1 a.m., the hospital carried out rectification overnight.

Local medical staff and Fujian medical teams are communicating

On the evening of January 28

Chen Jiansen, director of the Department of Sensory of Fujian Union Hospital, and Zhao Shuhao, director of the Sensory Department of Fujian First Affiliated Hospital, strengthened protection training and drills for the team members.

In order to better prevent and control, the team members carried out a strict “three-point method” for the residence, dividing the dormitory into polluted area, semi-polluted area, and clean area.

January 29

The team members entered the Houhu campus of Wuhan Central Hospital for the first time, and considering that the medical team was not familiar with the hospital, they temporarily took over a ward that could treat about 45 patients. The medical staff is divided into groups of 18, and the division of labor can not only treat patients with all their strength, but also ensure the rest of the team members.

Depart for Wuhan Central Hospital Houhu Branch for support

The local government specially deployed a bus from the bus company, equipped with two drivers, to live with the members of the Fujian medical team, and pick up the team members to and from work every day

Team leader Ning Yongxin said that after arriving in Wuhan, he and liaison officer Lin Shidan were responsible for coordinating the National Health Commission, relevant units in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, ensuring the food, accommodation and work arrangements of 135 medical staff, working until 2 a.m. every day to rest, and getting up early at 6 a.m., many team members were also very hard, but what moved him was that no one flinched. The local government and local hospitals are also very supportive.

At about 1 a.m. on January 30, Ning Yongxin also proposed rectification opinions to the person in charge of the local hospital——

Fathers and fellow villagers praised the Fujian medical team

In the circle of friends, the team members also reported safety to their families and friends one after another——

The circle of friends also records the hardships of their work in the ward

The team members eat in the hotel, and in order to avoid cross-infection, a split meal system is adopted

Doctors exchange precautions together

Chen Qiaoling, leader of the nursing team of the Fujian medical team and deputy leader of the medical team of the provincial hospital, convened a meeting of nursing cadres to assign tasks, implement the scheduling of each team, study the work rules until 2 a.m., and put into intense work at 6 a.m.

Doctors write names and words of encouragement on the back of protective clothing

Director Zhao Shuhao, a hospital sensory expert of Fujian First Affiliated Hospital, guided the hotel floor cleaning

Li Qing, a doctor in the intensive care unit of the Second People’s Hospital of Fujian Province, did not know until he arrived in the epidemic area in Wuhan that his colleagues in the hospital learned that he was originally scheduled to get married on February 15, but silently postponed his wedding date.

Colleagues and family members in the rear are their strongest support

Shang Xiuling, deputy captain of the medical team and head of the intensive care team of Fujian Provincial Hospital, said that when she opened the item, she saw a golden nail clipper, and everyone stopped. When the hospital prepared supplies for the team members, in addition to medical supplies and medicines such as masks and protective clothing, the hospital also prepared office and daily necessities for the team members, including hangers, washing powder, kettles, inserts, hand wipes and so on. I heard from a colleague that Uncle Dongqi, an old warehouse keeper in the equipment department, brought us all the treasures at the bottom of the pressed box. These small details make the “fighters” in Wuhan full of strength.

In Wuhan, Zhu Rui (pictured right), a nurse in the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Fuzhou First Hospital, worked part-time as a hairdresser and cut his own bald head, as well as Dr. Lin Feng

Before entering the Houhu campus of Wuhan Central Hospital, male nurses Lin Jie and Lin Gan from the intensive care unit of Fuzhou Second Hospital solemnly wrote an application for volunteering to join the Communist Party of China. They are all post-90s, and Lin Gan’s lover is a nurse who just got her certificate this month. Lin Jie’s girlfriend is also a nurse. The other half are very supportive and understanding of them.

Lin Jie said emotionally, “I promise to strictly demand myself in accordance with the standards of party members, play my role, and contribute my part to the epidemic area.” ”

Lin Gan also said, “I hope that the epidemic will pass soon, so that the people of Wuhan can take off their masks, see the people they want to see, and go where they want to go.” ”

Zheng Zenghua of Fuzhou Seventh Hospital also submitted an application to join the party

There were no medical staff who went to Hubei,

I have always been on the front line——

Fujian Provincial Jinshan Hospital

The medical staff brought a red hat to each newborn baby in the hospital to wish each baby a healthy and happy growth

The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University

Although nurse Huang Yuelei is on maternity leave at home, she still has a baby waiting to be breastfed in her arms. But in the face of unknown dangers, he resolutely returned to the front line of fighting the epidemic. Nurse Wu Xiaoli, in the face of the epidemic, after discussing with her family, temporarily decided to cancel the wedding and asked to join the anti-epidemic work. Lin Min, the nurse in charge, although sick, was concerned about the staff who were fighting on the front line of the emergency department, and automatically gave up his vacation and applied to join the war “epidemic”.

Fujian Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

On January 24, Fujian Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital implemented the first-level response to major public health emergencies in Fujian Province, and opened the infection department as an isolation ward to receive observational, suspected and confirmed cases at any time.

For several days, Zhang Boqiu, director of the infection department, has been in the hospital, not even eating with his family for Chinese New Year’s Eve, and at the longest, he worked for more than 20 hours without rest. He had severe gastritis, esophagitis, and a herniated lumbar disc, and his wife was worried about him and repeatedly told him to pay attention to his body, but he could only occasionally video call his family to report that he was safe.

A suspected child was ruled out of danger, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief

In the hospital’s infectious disease department, several medical staff have not been home for more than ten years, and it is rare to take a good leave this year to prepare to return to their hometown, but as soon as they received the order, they all returned to their posts without hesitation. Young nurse Ye Mengyi’s child is only more than 6 months old, and she is still breastfeeding, and she also joined the fight.

Three People’s Hospital of Fujian Province

Wu Wensi, a doctor in the emergency department of the hospital, was on the front line of the fever clinic. He said that it is not easy to work in the fever clinic, it takes more than half an hour to put on or take off the protective clothing once, coupled with the limited medical resources now, you can only eat as little as possible and drink less and go to the toilet, and generally you have to work continuously for four or five hours before taking off the protective clothing. From the 29th lunar calendar to the second day of the Lunar New Year, he and his “comrades-in-arms” basically could only sleep for more than four hours a day.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xu Liping, as the deputy chief of the sensory department and deputy director of the nursing department of the three provincial hospitals, has basically been in a continuous rotation and is fighting in the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia. Due to the lack of rest, she had to coordinate substances every day, train prevention and control knowledge, provide on-site guidance, talk a lot, and have no time to drink water, and the upper throat mucosa was severely bleeding, but she did not stop her busy pace, and always stuck to the front line of the struggle, and rushed to the hospital every morning to cook porridge for her daughter. “The child has a pot of porridge for a day, and I can’t take care of it.” Xu Liping said.

Fuzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention

In the past few days, the professional and technical personnel of the Fuzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention have continued to fight on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

On January 21, the first case reported in Lianjiang County that Chen Minhong, deputy chief of the Department of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control and deputy head of the epidemic prevention and control team of the Fuzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, set out at 5 a.m. to deal with it, find the source of infection, clarify the transmission route, determine and trace close contacts, and guide the Lianjiang County CDC to carry out epidemiological investigation, disinfect epidemic points, and implement various prevention and control measures.

After dealing with these tasks, it was the early morning of the 22nd, after returning to the unit, she only rested for a few hours, and on the 23rd, she went to Yongtai County to deal with the epidemic. As the epidemic continued to spread, he went to Fuqing to deal with the epidemic at 8:30 p.m. on the 26th, and returned to the unit at 5 a.m. on the 27th to continue working.

During this period, she did not even eat with her family Chinese New Year’s Eve, ate a few bites of fast food at the workplace, and continued to work. The family was worried about her safety, so they could only tell her over and over again to take protective measures and silently contract all the big and small affairs of the family.

Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital

On January 22, Fujian confirmed the first case of infection with new coronavirus pneumonia, and the hospital immediately dispatched a medical, nursing, and hospital sensory expert treatment team to Lianjiang overnight as the main force of prevention and treatment, timely treatment of patients, and successively supported protective clothing, N95 masks, V200 ventilators and other materials.

Dr. Wang Xinhang of the hospital rushed to Lianjiang overnight, overcame the poor medical conditions of the county hospital, stationed in the county hospital for seven days and seven nights, and successfully pulled the patient back from the ghost gate several times.

On the afternoon of January 28, the patient arrived safely at the hospital and was admitted to the negative pressure isolation ward to provide a safer inpatient environment for the patient.

Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University

The nurse in charge of neurosurgery, the first batch of people who took the initiative to sign up for the isolation observation ward, has not seen his son for 4 days, his son in the fifth grade of primary school misses his mother very much, and this morning followed his father to visit his mother at the next wall of the hospital. The child said, “Mom, you have to take care to protect yourself. Everything will pass. ”

These medical personnel, they are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons … But in the face of the epidemic, they are warriors, white warriors dressed in white, racing against death and fighting the virus. Kudos to them!

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