What bags are girls who love to wear suits? To make the outfit more delicate, add a bag to choose like this

Bags may not be a necessity in girls’ outfits, but if the bag is well chosen, then the extra effect of the whole outfit is super obvious, especially in the suit, if there is no bag, it may seem a little monotonous and boring, but choose a suitable bag, then it can definitely double your sophistication, let’s take a look!

A selection of bags

Suitable for suits or more diverse, first of all, is a very classic Linger chain bag, Linger chain bag continues to style very just the right bag, neither too eye-catching, nor very rigid, whether it is a mature woman, or a young career newcomer, the chain bag is very suitable for the end suit, both a mature side, and a trace of playfulness.

In the picture, a light blue suit is paired with a black chain bag, and the combination of purity and elegance is super eye-catching.

The second is a very college-style flap bag, which is generally used to match retro-style outfits.

Retro-style suits are generally such a plaid style as shown in the picture, so it is best to match a solid color bag, brown belt flap bag with black coffee color plaid suit, simple and casual with a touch of retro style, whether it is daily wear or commuting wear is OK.

The third is a very existential saddle bag, saddle bag is generally based on solid colors, but don’t look at it is a solid color, but the presence in the outfit is very strong, men’s bags look very small, but the inner capacity is very large, more suitable for matching soft fabrics, or loose blazers like the picture.

2. The carrying method of the bag

According to the carrying method of different bags, the types of bags we can choose are also different.

The first is the classic shoulder bag carrying method, the shoulder bag is the most casual and elegant carrying method, with a small bag on the side, it can make the whole outfit present a very delicate and elegant feeling.

In the picture is a light green suit, with a small white chain bag, the presence of the chain is relatively weak, so the bag looks more compact, and the decoration of the gold edge enhances the sense of premium, full of femininity.

The second is the back method of the cross-body bag, the existence of the cross-body bag is far greater than the shoulder bag, therefore, when choosing a cross-body bag, it is necessary to consider the fit of the bag and the overall outfit, the picture is a very aggressive set of matching, the design of the waist and shoulder pads makes the suit very three-dimensional, and at the same time with a very existential cross-body bag, wearing a domineering style full of aura, not to mention how handsome.

The third is the armpit bag, underarm bag is this year’s super hot bag type, it is so hot is not without reason, armpit bag can make the upper body look very three-dimensional, will not make the outfit too simple, but also have the “invisible” wonder, in the wearing of the volume is very small, show temperament in the invisible, very suitable for girls who like low-key style dressing.

Finally, there is a very delicate handbag, the variety of handbags is very rich, can be divided into a hand wallet or a small bucket bag, etc., the picture is to choose a very simple green bucket bag to match the gray suit jacket.

The puff sleeve design of the suit cuffs is very retro and fashionable, and it is brighter with a green bucket bag, which plays a finishing role.

3. Color matching of bags

Finally, let’s talk about the color matching of bags, because most of the suits are worn in the workplace, so you don’t have to be too bright when choosing bags, but the basic color system is more popular with girls.

For example, the tender green suit in the picture chose a milky white bag, showing a fresh and beautiful feeling, which is very age-reducing.

And when we choose a warm color suit, then I recommend black bags, black is serious and connotative, is a very common color in the workplace, used in bags is absolutely versatile, do not know what color to choose, black will definitely not go wrong.

Don’t underestimate the role of bags in dressing, especially for more rigid outfits like suits, you need bags to add points!