Notebooks began to popularize the OLED ASUS Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen Edition experience

Speaking of OLED screens, everyone must be familiar with them, because the current mainstream mobile phones are basically OLED screens, compared with traditional LCD screens, OLED can bring more perfect color display, black is purer, and is not affected by backlight. As a notebook manufacturer of ASUS, the new products in the autumn are fully equipped with OLED screens, and the ASUS Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition to be experienced in this article is one of them, let’s take a look at its performance.

My “Vast Blue” color scheme, deep blue with matte metal material looks very textured, and it is very comfortable to touch. Coupled with the specially designed CNC embossed LOGO on the A side, the sense of design and recognition is further enhanced. The package also comes with a variety of cool stickers, which young people will love.

The Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen™ Edition’s keyboard interface design is very personal and very functional. In this small area, it is also equipped with independent digital buttons, and the large 5.9-inch touchpad can improve the operation efficiency. The spacing of the keys, the 1.4mm key travel are very good, the typing feel is comfortable, the feedback is clear, and it is equipped with three backlights, and the buttons on the top can be quickly adjusted.

The power button integrates fingerprint recognition function, which is safe and efficient; In addition, the function buttons on the top also have voice and camera switch keys, and the voice supports AI intelligent voice noise reduction, which can make the voice clearer when video calls and games are black, and it is two-way noise reduction.

Personal privacy is very important, when using the computer will inevitably accidentally under some rogue software, in order to better protect privacy, Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition supports key switch camera, in order to ensure that nothing is lost, the camera at the top of the screen is also set up with a physical occlusion lens, you can manually open and close the slide, to avoid the camera being maliciously called.

On the label on the C side, we can see the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H octa-core standard pressure processor, graphics card and other logos, and there is also the logo of the laser “Harman Kardon” on the right, watching video or listening to music can bring good audio playback.

In terms of interface, the Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen Edition has two USB 2.0 ports on the left side, and there are more interfaces on the right, from top to bottom, the 120W DC power interface, USB 3.2 Gen 1, HDMI, USB 3.2 Gen1 protocol Type-C, Micro SD card slot and 3.5mm headphone/microphone two-in-one interface. The interface richness is sufficient, but considering the right-handed use of the mouse, it should be more appropriate to put more interfaces on the left.

The Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen Edition is equipped with a high-efficiency Ice Front Cooling Plus cooling system, so a large area of air inlet and outlet can be seen at the bottom of the fuselage, and the openings on the lower sides are the speaker position.

Disassemble the back cover to see the internal structure and workmanship details, dual fans and double heat pipes luxury heat dissipation, the diameter of the heat pipe is very thick, the number of fan blades up to 87 pieces of the new generation of cicada wing fan, using 3D curved aerodynamic design, the blades are lighter and thinner, the air volume is larger, bringing more efficient heat dissipation.

The Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen Edition is positioned as a thin and light all-rounder, and the body size and weight control are also good, with a length of 315mm, a width of 226mm, a thin 17.9mm, and a net weight of 1.66kg, which will not be too heavy for daily and business travel.

Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen Edition adopts the latest Samsung E4 light-emitting material OLED screen, the screen brightness and life have been greatly improved, with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut (133% SRGB), 10bit 1.07 billion colors, 1000000:1 contrast ratio, 600nits peak brightness, 0.2ms response time, support DC dimming. It brings excellent color performance and picture display, and everyone feels the real shot, but there will be some compression when you see it through the Internet, and it is better to see it with the naked eye.

In order to allow users to experience more accurate colors, each Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen™ Edition will undergo professional color grading before leaving the factory, not only passing Pantone color certification, but also built-in custom ICC color profiles to ensure that the color deviation Delta-E reaches the industry-leading level.

In addition, considering that users may watch the screen for a long time, the Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition also optimizes the light-emitting material, so that the blue light peak of this OLED screen is longer than the wavelength of the traditional LCD screen, reducing the harmful short-wave blue light by 70%, and has passed the eye protection certification of many authoritative institutions such as SGS low blue light eye protection and TÜV Rheinland hardware grade low blue light.

In terms of performance, the Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H octa-core standard pressure processor, using the latest Zen3 architecture and 7nm manufacturing process, with 8 cores and 16 threads, main frequency 3.2GHz, Turbo frequency 4.4 GHz, L3 cache 16MB and other characteristics, the highest power is up to 54W, the performance can be said to be very capable.

First of all, Master Lu tested the comprehensive performance score, reaching 961710 points, of which the processor obtained 555298 points, the graphics card obtained 181769 points, in the thin and light all-rounder, this score is quite OK.

▲Master Lu comprehensive running score

The discrete graphics card uses the GeForce RTX 3050, which has 2048 CUDA cores and supports ray tracing. AIMARK performance evaluation and ray tracing evaluation have scored 46690 points, 445442 points, and 22533 points, respectively, which is still relatively good.

▲Master Lu chased the score of light

PCMark 10 is a comprehensive test software, including common basic functions, productivity and digital content creation, etc., basically covering the current mainstream office and creation scenarios, with a score of 6093 points.


CINEBENCH is a test software that measures CPU performance, with R23 test single-core score of 1423pts and multi-core score of 11420pts; The R20 test scored 542cb for a single core and 4418cb for a multi-core test; The R15 test scored 229cb for a single core and 1954cb for a multi-core.

We tested with the latest version of 3DMark, including TimeSpy, Time Spy Extreme, Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, Fire Strike Uitra, and all performed well.

3DMARK score

Room temperature environment 22 °C, using AIDA64 stress test, FPU single copy for 30 minutes, temperature maintained at 86 °C, power consumption 35W, maintain stable operation.

Long-term gaming is a relatively big test for graphics cards, using FurMark for GPU single baking for 30 minutes, the temperature is 65 °C, and the power consumption reaches 50W.

The game test test “PUBG”, the game resolution is 1080P, there is no limit to FPS, the final average frame rate is 112, and the picture is always smooth and stable. League of Legends is an enduring game without stress.

▲ “PUBG”

In terms of memory, the Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition is equipped with magnesium light 16GB DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel memory, using AIDA64 memory detection, the read speed is 43999MB/s, the write speed is 34759MB/s, you can see that the write speed is excellent, and the 16GB capacity can also meet the needs of most people.

The Intrepid Pro15 Ryzen™ Edition is equipped with a high-performance NVMe PCIe SSD, and the measured read and write speeds are good.

As for the office, office documents, retouching these needless to say, the higher intensity of the editing video, in addition to the 4K material will be a little stuck, 1080P material editing is not bad. In addition, the system can also be upgraded to the latest Windows 11, and the compatibility and stability are good.

The new version of MyASUS software has a better interface, more powerful functions, and more convenient to use. Basically, the function settings are centralized, such as AI noise reduction, system diagnostics, fan mode, battery health management, driver updates, and so on. Especially for driver updates, you can download and update the latest drivers directly in it, so as not to go to the official website to search for models to download one by one.

The most noteworthy is the Asus Migration Assistant, which can migrate data like a new mobile phone, and after the notebook is replaced, you can migrate file applications on the old computer to the new computer, which is very convenient.

In terms of battery life, the Fearless Pro15 Ryzen version has a built-in 63Wh lithium battery, with a conventional battery life of more than 8 hours, a strength endurance of about 6 hours, and is equipped with a 120W power adapter, the advantage is fast charging, the lack is a relatively large head.

Summary: Whether it is the appearance design or hardware performance, the performance of the Asus Fearless Pro15 Ryzen Edition is not bad, 54W CPU super performance release + RTX light tracing independent display, whether it is to cope with daily co-intensity office, or continue to play games can calmly cope; Excellent OLED screen, really restore color, hardware-level low blue light eye protection is healthier; In addition, the power fingerprint two-in-one, safe and efficient, and the new MyASUS main control software, rich function settings, so that the little white who does not understand the computer can also be easy to use, the only drawback may be that the power adapter is too large, I hope the volume can be made small, and the mobile phone charging cable is universal.