In autumn, the coat is layered with a striped sweater and white straight-leg pants, which is simple and elegant

Even in our leisure time, we must wear the most comfortable state, coat as a more fashionable piece in our daily life, practical, full of autumn atmosphere, it is the whole embodiment towards the elegant piece, like this atmosphere and with casual elegant style of the little sister, you can learn more about the coat, let’s take a look together!

Highlight 1: Mid-length coats are very helpful for temperament improvement

The mid-length coat is very suitable and suitable compared to other styles. The long coat is appropriate for the temperament, and it is the kind of literary ladylike atmosphere, the whole person is gentle, and the temperament is precipitated. Little sisters who feel a little cold in autumn can use coats to keep warm, which is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also spiritual. In autumn, the coat is layered with striped knitwear and white straight-leg pants, simple and intelligent!

Highlight 2: The open coat is more dashing, and the belt is feminine

How to wear an autumn and winter coat, with a striped shirt and straight pants high-end foreign style, full of aura! There are many ways to wear an overcoat, either open or with a belt. After fastening the belt, the coat can outline the waist line of the little sisters, and the slim body can be perfectly displayed, so it looks more feminine. And after wearing the belt, the whole person is more intellectual and mature, and he can bring his own aura when shopping with the little sisters.

Wonderful three: camel coat + camel shoes, the shape of the finishing echo is very advanced

If the color of the coat is the same as the color of the shoe, then the whole will produce harmony and have a feeling of echoing from end to end. Camel coats and camel shoes are both gentle colors, suitable for creating a sweet and gentle style. In addition, camel itself is a relatively advanced color system, so the whole person looks very stylish.

Wonderful four: The zipper-style coat has a chic shape and wears a new fashion

There is also a style of coat that is zippered, and the little sisters usually wear less, looking at its fashionable personality design, it can make the little sister’s shape more fashionable and unique. This kind of daily style, whether it is a daily style, or in the leisure time of wear, is very suitable, and even brings a sweet feeling, the whole person’s temperament is also improved.

More highlights: How to choose the color of the coat?

(1) Light color is suitable for gentle women: We can consider nude colors for light-colored clothes, the color closest to the skin tone, and it is gentle and clean at a glance.

(2) Bright colors are suitable for confident women: bright colors can always bring people a refreshing feeling, such as orange can enhance our temperament, more radiant, highlight the confident aura.

Highlight 5: The checked coat easily catches people’s eyes

A checked coat can look more ostentatious, but it is not excessive. And its warmth effect is very good, the little sisters in the cool season of autumn, very like to play, dinner, shopping, etc., wearing a checked style coat can not only make themselves temperamental, but also highlight their original advantages.

Long coats are really very warm to wear, in the cold autumn is very ok, not only can bring us a strong aura and unique temperament, but also make our dressing style and taste can have a significant improvement, like sisters must get up, be their own charm queen!

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