Real evaluation, is domestic Chinese herbal toothpaste good?

Is herbal toothpaste good? Is the efficacy as miraculous as described? In the face of a wide range of Chinese herbal toothpastes, how should we choose? With these questions in mind, I started using Chinese herbal toothpaste two months ago, and today, I am going to share with you my milestones.

【Yunnan white medicine toothpaste – spearmint type】

Taste: Mint is strong, and the medicinal smell is also a little

Effect: Slightly astringent brush and requires multiple gargling. The hemostatic effect can be.

The popularity is high, and the price is more expensive. Spearmint type is decent, mint flavor is relatively strong, eat garlic do not use it immediately brush your teeth, the degree of sourness is like a mouth full of ulcers.

Recommended index: three stars

【Two-sided needle gum toothpaste】

Taste: Herbs are strong, the taste is powdery, and I personally gag after brushing the molar teeth.

Effect: The paste is delicate, gentle and non-irritating, and has strong stain removal ability.

Old brand, high degree of professionalism, I don’t know how to become the tears of the times, the effect of removing tooth stains is very good, and the packaging is not too liked by individuals.

Recommended index: three and a half stars

【Baicao Tang Herbal Bad Breath Effect Toothpaste】

Taste: light herbal flavor, light sweetness, taste is not irritating or disgusting, taste is not powdery and non-sticky

Effect: Clear fire and remove bad breath effect MAX, plaque removal is very effective.

A time-honored brand of traditional Chinese medicine, toothpaste products focus on fire clearance. This toothpaste has a very bright effect on halitosis, which can suppress the breath of sugar garlic and leeks, and the effect of removing dental plaque is obvious.

Recommended index: four stars

Among these three, I personally like grass cubes the most! To be honest, after brushing my teeth for so many years and buying so many YX toothpaste with breath-clearing effects, I was really pleasantly surprised by this one. I vividly remember that it was noon, I ate sugar and garlic, and suddenly I had an appointment, and I could only use it to brush my teeth for emergencies. To be honest, absolutely, the tone immediately went clean and lasted until dinner! After about half a month, the dark spots on the penultimate posterior molars disappeared, and although the dark spots on the last tooth were still firm, I still felt very relieved~

Is herbal toothpaste good? At this moment I just want to say, friends, domestic products stand up!