The thermos pot is used every day, please don’t buy it blindly

Lately the cold has been intense, and the house Sir is the first thing he does every day at work

Drink hot water and make coffee


There is no insulation function

, the hot water quickly cools,

Want to drink hot water whenever you want

You really need one

High-performance and reliable thermos

There are all kinds of thermos pots on the market, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you may step on the pit, such as appearing

The thermos pot is not insulated, bursts, and the material is not safe

and other phenomena.

Do you know how to choose a thermos correctly?

Below the house sir is from the thermos pot


Thermal insulation performance, portability, etc

In terms of this, I would like to share some selection tips with you:

Food-grade stainless steel is cost-effective and safe

Thermos pots can be divided according to the material



stainless steel


Ceramic thermos pots are more expensive

, the user group is limited.

In general, there are more on the market

Made of stainless steel


, can be effective

Resist the erosion of air, water vapor, acid, alkali, salt and other reagents


Avoid rust

However, the quality of stainless steel thermos flasks sold in the market varies widely,

A poor quality thermos will release various harmful substances in the water

, and then endanger our health, so everyone must pick the fire eye gold and gold well.

The commonly used materials of thermos cups are generally available

201, 202 and 304 steel

(These are American names, Chinese names 18-8, Japanese names SUS304).

201,202 cost is cheaper


The heavy metal content is relatively high

。 It is magnetic and will attract when it encounters a magnet.

304 stainless steel, not magnetic, is not reactive when approached with a magnet.

And compared to 201 stainless steel,

304 stainless steel has better rust resistance

The thermal insulation performance is also better

, of course, the price is also higher.

But the house sir still

It is recommended that everyone choose 304 steel

, after all, the body is the most important!

Thermal insulation performance

The vacuum inner tank has better thermal insulation performance

Generally speaking, thermos pots will be divided into:

Inner tank

Outer tank

, between the inner and outer bladder is


, vacuum insulation design, not only

Effectively maintain water temperature

, which is also guaranteed

Hands are not burned

Some inferior thermos flasks are not vacuumed, so how to simply identify?

Quite simply, inside the cup

Inject hot water

Screw the lid tightly and let stand for a few minutes

, then by hand

Touch the outer surface and bottom of the cup

, if very


burning sensation,

represents the cup of the cup

Poor heat preservation

, if there is no obvious feeling, it means that the thermal insulation performance is basically good.

Generally speaking, the normal holding time of the thermos is in

More than 6 hours

Ease of use

One-handed operation saves effort

Thermos pot


Also the focus of the house sir, are you still struggling to rotate the lid of the kettle?

Now there are hot water pots

Medium bolt switch

, one hand

With one easy press, the water flows out

, okay

Prevent splashing of water,

It is no problem for a person to take a child at home, free your hands, and you can still hold the child with the other hand.

House Sir rummaged through the hot water kettles of various shapes and materials on the Internet,

After many comparisons

, and finally fell in love with this one.


Velosan vintage thermos

304 extra thick stainless steel inner tank,

24-hour long-term heat preservation,

2L large capacity,

Let you and your family drink hot water at any time,

Keep your body warm

(Stamp purchase)

Origin: Germany

Capacity: 2 L

Size: 135mm*265mm

Color: Warm red

Among the thermos cups of the same type, this velosna thermos flask

Best value for money

High appearance, thermal insulation performance, safety are particularly good

Super easy to use

Plus now home sir to everyone

The ultra-low price applied for, it’s a pity to miss it!

When I first got this thermos pot, the house sir was captured by its appearance,

Light luxury minimalist craft design

, pot body

The lines are clean and smooth

, the overall shape

Narrow at the top and wide at the bottom

, looks like a cute little penguin.

In the daily home, random placement is the existence of a work of art,

Any scene is versatile and good-looking

Double temperature lock protection

24-hour long-lasting insulation

The most important thing about thermos is that

Velosan vintage thermos has it

24-hour long-term heat preservation function

In order to let everyone see its thermal insulation effect, the house sir specially tested it.

7:00 pm

and pour into the Velosan thermos

Hot water at 90 degrees Celsius

8:10 a.m

Measure the temperature inside the thermos left and right, and display it

71 degrees Celsius

You can see what has passed

13 hours to place

, the temperature of the water in the pot

It was reduced by only 19°C

The insulation effect is barbaric!

Imagine that,

Fill the pot with hot water before heading out in the morning

At night

Coming home from work

It’s still hot

, daily home use, is really too practical and convenient!

It has such an excellent thermal insulation effect because it is used

Double layer 304 stainless steel inner tank

One layer is

Vacuum inner layer

for completion

Refraction of heat to achieve thermal insulation

Vacuum outer layer

, can be effective

Isolate the outside world and realize temperature lock protection

The inner tank made of 304 stainless steel also has an excellent one

Stainless corrosion resistance

and better

Intergranular corrosion resistance

High toughness

More durable than ordinary thermos

, bring you your longer companionship.

Moreover, this thermos flask is used

All contact materials are food grade

It can be used with peace of mind

Velosan, Germany

A century of ingenuity, a well-known home furnishing brand

German Velosan brand

, originated

In 1896

, focusing on the home furnishing industry, has a history of more than 100 years.

It is

A well-known German brand of home kitchenware

, has more than a hundred years of experience in household products, in Germany in addition to Mercedes-Benz, the most famous is it.

In addition, it sells well not only in Germany, but also in Europe itself, even

Exported to more than 100 countries around the world

, annual sales

More than 1 million pieces

, it can be said that it is both applauding and selling.

This vintage series thermos also has a century of craftsmanship. Housing adopts

Polished porcelain surface

, to the touch

Very textured, both non-slip and dirt-resistant

Reflects an attractive sheen in the light and the polished surface looks

Elegant and unique

Thoughtful design details

Improve the user experience in every way

There are thousands of thermos pots on the market, and in the case of similar thermal insulation performance, in

Design in detail

Often the most moving.

Velosan’s vintage thermos

The details are very user-friendly in all aspects

, can be described as full of intention.

▶ Rotating lid, food-grade sealing ring, super leak-proof performance

The lid of the Velosan vintage thermos cup is a classic

Swivel lid

, there are good


, easy to operate, no matter what

No matter how shaken, it will not leak

Rotate the lid to remove, and when filling with water, rotate counterclockwise and screw the lid.

Plus, it’s

Sealing rings

Also adopted

Food grade material

, reached

EU standards for infants and toddlers, can be used with confidence

▶ Beak V-shaped design, smooth water outflow, no overflow.

We often have the experience that when pouring water, we don’t control the amplitude well.

If you accidentally overflow, the water outlet will overflow

, making the table full of water.


Beak spout design


Effectively prevent splashing of water

。 When water is poured, the water flows in a pattern

Smooth curved lines flow out

It does not spill from both sides, and the water collection is also very neat

▶ One-key switch, one-handed operation, humanized handle

Velosan vintage thermos flask adopts

Push-to-switch switch

。 Panaperic switch, and has good sealing, no matter how shaken will not come out of the water.


It can be operated with one hand

, usually busy, pouring water with one hand and doing things with the other, is very convenient.

The handle of the kettle was perfect

Ergonomic design

, super easy to hold, even for girls

Pour water with one hand

, easy and effortless.

▶2L large capacity, one pot can pour 6 cups of water

This kettle also has a major feature

Super large capacity

! People like house sir, who love to drink water,

One pot can cover the amount of water needed for a day

, in total


Large capacity.


Not filled with water

, all are available

Pour 6 cups of 300ml water into the cup

These small details have improved the experience of Velosan’s retro thermos cup a lot, and they have also been

More and more users recognize

Good reviews from the user’s dad

Who said that thermos pots can only be the standard for middle-aged people?

Now the little fairy and the little fresh meat are also handy,

Hot summer can

Let’s make a good cup of tea and moisturize the body with peace of mind.

In cold winter can

Let’s take a sip of hot water at any time,

Drives away chills and warms the body

What a wonderful thing that must be.

Of course, in addition to putting boiled water in the thermos cup,

You can also put some tea, red dates, goji berries,

Hawthorn or lemon slices,

Delicious and healthy.

Winter is here, so prepare a thermos for your family!

Double 11 does not have a bottom price!

This high-value and cost-effective thermos pot,

Original price 149,

Limited time 7% off,

It’s about to be snapped up, don’t you hurry up and get started?



Made of stainless steel

Thermal insulation performance

With one easy press, the water flows out

(Stamp purchase)

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One layer is