The people who have driven this car are real old drivers! At that time, 10,000 yuan households could afford it, alias big-toed shoes

The automobile industry has developed to this day and has developed by leaps and bounds. However, occasionally looking back at the past, I will feel the charm of this amazing progress, and some models that were once very classic, now look at how incredibly simple they are. For example, in the eighties of the last century, Fiat’s 126P model was once imported from Poland to be sold domestically, and now it may feel strange to hear this name, but at that time it could be said to be a hit, known by the common people, known as a big head shoe.

Like the 126P in the past, the price is only 4,000 yuan, and it is about 7,000 yuan after being imported into China. In today’s view, 7,000 yuan may be the salary income of most people for more than a month, but in the 80s of last century, about 1984-1987, the per capita monthly income of China’s wage earners was only dozens of yuan, seventy or eighty is considered a high salary class, so 7,000 yuan at that time was really not cheap, and at that time because it was sold too tightly, resulting in a very short supply, coupled with the intervention of scalpers, its price was directly speculated to about 10,000 yuan, However, compared with the price of more than 200,000 yuan of the old Poussin at that time, it was too cheap.

People who have seen the Fiat P126 car are now at least at the level of uncles, and those who have driven this car are definitely real old drivers. However, the boxy design style of this car still seems to be still charming. The most unique of these is that the front face does not use an air intake grille, which is a bit like the current new energy model. Some elements of the side lines still carry on to this day. Although it looks a bit antique, the delicate and compact body highlights the clean aesthetic design. The body does not have any redundant lines and no exaggerated decorations, which is the timeless beauty of minimalism and practicality.

The interior 126P advocates a simple and practical style, and the multi-line outline of the central control is quite layered and three-dimensional, but today it seems that there are no beautiful elements, and the large steering wheel reminds people of the old liberation at a glance. The dashboard is also a bit too big to look like a car from that era. The seats look a bit like old-fashioned sofas, and the comfort should be good. And it also has audio, heater air conditioning, cigarette lighter and other configurations, which was quite good at the time.

The powertrain seems to be a joke today, its engine displacement is only 0.65L, the maximum power is 17.6Kw, and the peak torque is 42.2Nm, which is more QQ than QQ, but it was already very fashionable at the time. You think that in China in the eighties, there were still very few private cars, and those who could afford it were definitely the legendary “10,000 yuan households”, rich people.

Although Fiat once created glory in China, with the rapid development of the world’s major automobile companies and China technical cooperation, fierce competition has made many automobile brands disappear from the historical stage. Fiat is no exception, and has already announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market this year. However, Fiat 126 and Palio have indeed left a heavy mark in the history of the Chinese automobile industry, which cannot be erased.