Dong Qing is really a model of elegant dressing! Wearing a royal blue knitted top, simple and high-class, intellectual comfort

#Fashion Officer Highlights#

Dong Qing is really a model of elegant dressing! Wearing a royal blue knitted top is simple and advanced, intellectual comfort, maintain the same color matching first of all to make the outfit harmonious and unified in terms of color matching, secondly, pay attention to the cooperation between the pieces, and choose a higher degree of tacit understanding to combine together to make us wear a good effect. Dong Qing did a good job in this regard, she wore a royal blue knitted top on her upper body, and tapered pants of the same color on her lower body. The most eye-catching thing is the belt-like scarf she wears around her neckline, with a unique design. The satin design also adds a premium feel to the outfit, and its material is soft and feels good, providing a comfortable environment for the neck.

Dong Qing’s temperament is too advanced! Simply wearing a royal blue sweater is intellectually neat, it is difficult to hide the noble temperament, the royal blue crewneck knitted top is slightly slim, it is cut very regularly, and the round neck part exposes Dong Qing’s slender neckline, which is very conducive to showing her spirit. It’s just that this knitted top is too regular, somewhat conservative, and does not show its sense of fashion. Its design doesn’t have many highlights. The knitted top exposed Dong Qing’s forearm, the royal blue was slightly darker, which made the skin of her forearm more and more snow-white, and the fly in the ointment was that her upper arm was too tight by this blouse, so it exposed the problem of fat on the upper arm. Female friends reach a certain age, the figure will tend to be rich, the big arm is especially easy to accumulate excess meat, must pay attention to this part, try to use the shortcomings of the shape of the piece to cover up.

The halterneck scarf is similar to a belt, it is not the same width as the previous scarf, and it is just right as a decoration without looking too cumbersome. At a certain age, female friends will have some neck lines on their necks, and in addition to maintenance, it is also a wise way to cover them with a single product. If there are neck lines, it will make the whole person look a lot older, and Dong Qing tied a belt-style scarf around his neck. The bottom end of the hanging part is trimmed with tassel edges, which are slightly embellished and also enrich its elements.

The shape of tapered pants is more common in daily life, and Dong Qing’s outfit is better than the color matching. Keeping the color scheme consistent, although a bit monotonous, looks uniform, highlighting her mature charm. Tapered pants provide a comfortable environment for Dong Qing’s legs, and you can dress loosely as much as possible when attending various activities, so that your state is more natural, and you can achieve a better state when facing the camera, which will not make the whole person feel tight.

When female friends have the bonus of good temperament, do not wear too strong makeup, otherwise it will greatly reduce the temperament, but choose the right makeup according to your facial features, which is more beneficial in showing your personal charm. Dong Qing’s makeup shows her gentle temperament and shows her better mental outlook, so when facing the camera, I see that her body is more youthful and energetic.

Dong Qing’s face is angular, and her jawline is particularly pronounced. Small and delicate earrings adorn her ears, only slightly embellished, making the whole outfit less monotonous. The role of accessories should not be underestimated, female friends should also match related accessories when choosing outfits to further add color to the outfit.

The pink suit has a strong age-reducing effect, and it can show Dong Qing’s gentle temperament. When hosting this kind of literary and artistic program, you don’t have to dress too seriously, it will make people feel more warmth. Dong Qing’s suit is more slim, outlining her delicate body line, and does not look fat.

The blue plaid shirt and the black skirt are combined, the color of the shirt on the upper body is relatively small and fresh, while the color of the skirt on the lower body is more dull, one light and one dark, the two colors are combined together, and the dark and light colors are blended just right. The two complement each other’s advantages, showing Dong Qing’s charm. Her outfit is very daily and makes her look more intimate.

The red suit is bright in color, making the whole person look much brighter. The red color also matched the skin tone, making Dong Qing’s skin look more and more snow-white. She paired it with a red tulle undershirt underneath, and the whole outfit used bright red, which was very joyful.

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