The doctor was dissatisfied with his son’s criticism of wearing a skirt to school, and posted an article angrily accusing the teacher for stifling the child’s personality

The slogan is a bit silly: I can complain, but you can’t bother!

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Today, I saw such a topic, a Shanghai doctor’s son felt that the weather was too hot, wanted to wear a skirt to school, asked the doctor’s opinion, and the doctor thought that the child had the right to dress freely, so he agreed to the child’s request.

The children who received permission from their parents wore skirts to school the next day, and when they arrived at school, they were not only criticized by teachers, but also ridiculed and bullied by some classmates. The child went home and told the doctor’s parents, who posted on Weibo angrily denouncing the school teachers and bullying and mocking his son’s classmates, which caused heated discussions.

I want to wear a skirt because I am afraid of heat, is this too much to ask? If it is a girl, of course, it is not excessive, even if it is a boy, if it is in your own home, it can be understood, because your family can accept your child wearing a skirt, but when it comes to school, the nature is different, the school is an educational institution, it is a place to teach children to learn knowledge and behavioral norms, the behavior of the little boy wearing a skirt obviously destroys the construction of gender consciousness, the teacher criticizes the little boy is not at fault, of course, the little boy is bullied by his classmates because of this is worthy of sympathy, Classmates who bullied him should also be criticized, but is it really right for the doctor to lash out at his son’s teachers and classmates on Weibo and still think that he allowed his son to wear a skirt?

First, let’s look at this from the doctor’s point of view. Did the doctor think that my son was breaking the law by wearing a skirt? Did it hurt someone else? He just felt hot, thinking that wearing a skirt would be cooler, but he was criticized by the teacher for this, how can the school stifle the child’s personality like this, doesn’t he have the freedom to dress?

He has freedom to dress, but when his freedom to dress challenges public order and good customs, his freedom will inevitably come at a price. In other words, you insist that individuality is not illegal, and it does not violate moral norms, but you challenge conventional gender cognition, especially children are in the process of gender construction, a wrong decision by you is likely to mislead the child’s gender consciousness, the child is ignorant, but as a doctoral student-level parent, your understanding of social behavior norms is mature, and you throw a weak child into the environment of pursuing commonality in order to adhere to your educational personality. It is somewhat selfish to let him bear the price of your personality, and instead of remorseing yourself, you angrily berate your teachers and classmates, and you are speechless to think about.

Is it wrong to pursue individuality? It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong, as long as you can afford it. The doctor can first wear a skirt to the unit and the street, feel the strange eyes of others, and then wear a skirt to accompany his son to school to try the criticism and ridicule that the child has to face, and he knows what is good for the child.

In fact, this incident reminds me of a sentence made by female boxers a few years ago: I can do it, but you can’t disturb it.

Is it wrong for girls to dress revealingly? As long as you are not afraid of being talked about by others, as long as there is no interference from relevant departments, how you dress is your freedom. But if you are disrespectful because of revealing clothing, even if the whole society condemns the person who disrespects you, it cannot change the fact that you are insulted, and your revealing clothes will definitely increase the possibility of being harassed and sexually assaulted.

Just like Liu Yan in your circle, she is out of position with exposedly sexy clothing, in fact, she has never had a scandal, but she encountered the best man’s collective teasing joke at Bao Bell’s wedding, so many bridesmaids, why did she choose Liu Yan? You may say that she has no background, but there is more than one actress with no background in your circle, Zhao Liying, Jia Ling and others have no background, why haven’t you heard that others have similar experiences, but Liu Yan was teased in public?

This has a lot to do with her usual image, no one has much patience to understand the real you, more people will judge what kind of person you are through your clothing behavior, frequently in public The choppy Liu Yan, invisibly creates a “very casual” female feeling for herself, her feeling is easy to evoke the evil thoughts hidden in the hearts of many people. Once triggered, it is revealed.

I can do it, but you can’t bother. This sentence is logically fine, and it is also logically fine, but in reality, this seemingly justified sentence will undoubtedly be slapped in the face.

It is your freedom to dress sexy and revealing, but for the rogue villain, your xingganbaolu just arouses his criminal desire, and you cannot shout this sentence to the hooligan who violated you to repel the other party, because if moral restraint is useful to the hooligans, what is the use of the law? Rogues will not reason with you.

Moreover, if you feel that wearing xingganbaolu, you should not be restricted, then you can walk the street in xingganbaolu’s clothes at night, but you will not risk being violated in order to fight for the freedom of dressing personality, because it is really not a lot for you.

In the same way, in order to maintain his son’s personality needs, the doctor allows his son to wear a skirt to school, and there is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt itself, but on scoring occasions, wearing to school is tantamount to challenging school rules, whether it is important to maintain a dispensable personality through the act of wearing a skirt, or it is more important for the child to avoid being criticized and bullied, and the doctor’s parents may not have figured it out.

If you’re willing to pay a price for your personality, you can stick with it. But the Ph.D. parent did something to maintain the correctness of his personality education and made his child an experiment. It’s stupider than the female boxers who shout “I can it, but you can’t bother.”

Just ask them a sentence: What does this kind of maintenance of personality bring you? Toss for half a day, anxious for half a day, even if you win others, the injured person is still you.

I think of a small thing, there is a parent, in order to make the child’s name different, pursue personality, give the child a rare name, as a result, the child grows up to participate in important personnel exams, the score is enough, but when the information is entered, there is no rare word of the child’s name in the font of the unit’s personnel system, parents and children want to cry without tears.

Can you give employers the freedom to hire your child for the sake of your personality? Your name cannot be found, the unit cannot enter your child’s information according to the normal process, the unit does not violate the law, the blame is only that you put thousands of Chinese characters that you do not use, you have to engage in personality, and finally dig a big hole for yourself, and it is you who suffers.

I remember that there were a few years when women in the West demanded that society allow women to go bare-chested in order to defend women’s rights, and there were female rallies who collectively shouted on the streets without wearing tops – I expressed my disunderstanding, some parts of women cannot be baolu, in fact, it is a kind of protection for women, and these so-called feminists, but they have to tear this layer of protection apart, so as to reflect women’s rights, if they really encounter hooligans, is it to reduce the difficulty of aggression for the stream or to save time for the hooligans?

Hooligans are hateful, even if you don’t wear clothes, it shouldn’t be a reasonable excuse for him to violate you, but because of your shit, it increases the chance of him violating you, and your aggression, isn’t there an element of self-inflicted suffering? Even if all the legal responsibility lies with the other party, the pain of your violation will not be reduced, instead of fighting for this power, you should pay attention to what you wear, do not leave a random impression on the other party, and do not stimulate the other party’s criminal possibility.

More than enough is too much. Don’t increase the risk of being hurt in order to insist on the unnecessary personality, I can do it, but you can’t bother, it’s only suitable for verbal cannons, this is really a stupid slogan, women are physically inferior to men, why suffer physically? If you have a daughter of your own, you will never allow her to wear baolu to the opposite sex, let alone dress as xingan when she goes out late at night.

The safety of yourself and your children is more practical than those high-sounding isms and personalities.