The era of face fighting A car with high appearance can be regarded as true love

In this era of face-fighting, especially in a metropolis like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, high appearance is like taking a PASS card, and you can enjoy VIP treatment wherever you go. The same is true of cars, high-value supercars, luxury cars always appear “with their own background music”, the light BlingBling can not be stopped at all, but at the same time the sky-high price that matches the high value is really hurtful. Is “good looks” just the exclusive property of the “trenches”? In fact, in the middle-class car, there are also those with explosive appearance, and the car with high appearance can completely conquer the “appearance party”.

1. Resistant to on-board electric car washer

To love the car with high appearance, first of all, the body must be clean, but living in the metropolis, just rely on their own hands to work hard for the small white-collar workers, in addition to raising a car for the house, food is saved, if you still have to run to the car wash, the car wash fee can’t afford to hurt. Prepare a car electric car washer, come to DIY car wash on the weekend, this car wash is also convenient to use. Usually the office sits more, and the movement is healthier.

Price: 199 yuan

2 Turtle brand car cleaning kits

If the car is scratched or corroded by acid rain, the paint will not shine. Prepare a car cleaning kit to give your car a new look and look better. This car cleaning set contains full-effect wax, decontamination wax, waxed sponge, towel, and gives your car a great health care.

Price: 69 yuan

3 car Qian car decoration bamboo charcoal bag

Putting charcoal bags on the car can adjust the humidity in the car and avoid the growth of mold in the car and affect health. The point is: put a bunch of charcoal bags of such interesting angry birds on the back of the car, and the appearance will burst at once.

Price: 19 yuan

4 AJS car air purifier

In large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the economy is booming, but the environment is also deteriorating, and the air quality is becoming increasingly serious. As before, parents in Beijing urged schools to install air purifiers. Therefore, Xiaohei suggests that people with cars should also install an air purifier on the car. This air purifier has a cool and stylish shape, and it also gives you a fresh and natural interior environment and adds points to the appearance of your car.

Price: 188 yuan

5 packs of sunspot dashcam

How can a high-value car be missing a fashionable dashcam, and how can something integrate into this metropolis without a little technology? The Kuroko dashcam and the car’s interior blend perfectly to escort you along the way.

Price: 399 yuan

6 Taoist phone holder

There are many cars on the north, and it is easy to be stuck on the road if you are not careful. Many times, smart car owners will open the navigation of their mobile phones to check the road conditions of all parties and try to avoid congested road sections. Then, the mobile phone holder can not be less. The old clip-on phone holder has gone out, and now it is popular to use the tile type, which is stylish and convenient.

Price: 59 yuan