An alternative in electric shaving – a brief review of the Philips OneBlade small T-knife


Our common shavers are mainly manual and electric, and in today’s society that pursues faster and more efficient, most people have begun to choose more convenient and fast electric shavers. In the electric shaver, according to the movement of the blade is divided into reciprocating and rotary two, of which the rotary shaver structure is simple and large, but the price is low, has been occupying the main market, and the structure of the reciprocating shaver is more complex, the noise is large, but it has the characteristics of small size and relatively clean shaving, but in most cases the price is higher, so few people use it, but for me, shaving a beard is enough.

Unpacking of the product:

The outer packaging of this Philips OneBlade small T shaver adopts the style design of transparent plastic boxes common in supermarkets, and the single-knife visual perception makes the product appear more high-end and high-grade.

The appearance around the box is not too much illustrative printing, and there is also a retail hook structure at the top, and a very large disposable sealing sticker can be seen at the opening next to it, which can ensure the originality of the product.

The bottom end is printed with the barcode of the product, the model number and the type of battery used.

On the back, the function of the product and the production information are printed.

After unpacking, it was found that the bottom of the razor was also equipped with a reinforced plastic block, and the plug was very tight, which basically ensured that the product would not easily run out under the condition of transportation or dropping.

In addition to the support design, the bottom box also houses the product’s charging head, protective case and instruction manual inside.

Product appearance and details:

As an international brand, it seems to pay more attention to environmental design, the material of the instruction manual is made of recycled paper, which looks like old paper that has been placed for a long time, but the content printing is still more detailed, at least the use of the operation is accompanied by simple illustrations.

As a knife product, it also comes with a protective crystal cover that allows the shaver to be placed in storage when not in use.

For the charging head used in the product, the main use is the 2pin socket 4.3V70mAh adapter produced by Xiamen Taihe Electronics Co., Ltd., the cable is slightly hard, and the total measured length is about 1 meter.

Compared with the common three-blade electric shaver on the market, this OneBlade small T shaver is very thin and small, and the measured total mass is only about 95.6g, which is very light overall.

Its official model is QP2523, and the side of the handle is wrapped in ribbed green rubber, which enhances the grip of the product, which is both non-slip and comfortable.

However, its internal mainly uses nickel-metal hydride batteries as the main power source, and only needs to plug the power cord into the 2pin socket at the bottom of it when charging. Compared with the current common lithium battery, its volume and capacity are not as good as the latter, but also does not have a memory effect, and the price is low, the service life is up to 10 years, so this battery still occupies the main market of razors, and it is not surprising to use it here, but according to official propaganda, the charging time of this product is about 8 hours, and the specific battery life is only 45 minutes, so slow charging rate is indeed a taboo for people with fast-paced life.

The blade part adopts a blade-type shape design, the whole is very thin, looks like a barbershop kind of flat push hair clipper, but the design without storage grooves on it, although it looks more compact, but two hundred blade vibrations per minute will make the slag fly everywhere, so it is recommended to stay in the washbasin when shaving.

For safety, the blade is also designed with a thin grid-like metal lubrication layer, and a curved comb design is added at the edge of the knife edge, so that it is not easy to damage the skin when shaving, and the two-way flexible design is adopted at the connection with the handle, so that the razor can remain close to the skin when used, and can easily shave the beard in the chin and above the lips, and the shaving process is more natural.

The front of the handle is centered on the product’s physical switch button, which also has a green blade release slider at the top.

By pushing out the blade release slider at the top, the razor’s blade is ejected, facilitating future blade replacement.

Use of the product:

Shavers We generally pay more attention to the comfort of use and the cleanliness of the shaving, so before testing the shaving, let’s take a selfie of the beard slag under my chin (unassisted shooting, so it’s a bit ugly).

First use the Philips OneBlade small T razor to shave off the right half of my beard (that is, the left part of the picture), you can see the effect directly on the picture, basically can shave off my sparse beard, when using it, I feel that the metal lubrication coating of the razor is very close to the skin and comfortable, there is no discomfort at all, and the experience is good.

However, the beard on the left half of my left side was shaved off with the Feike three-blade shaver I bought two years ago, and the overall feeling is smoother, and it can be seen in the picture that the root of the Philips shaving beard on the left is a bit long, while the shaving part of the Feike on the right is very short.


Advantages: The product is small and waterproof, easy to carry out, can support both wet and dry, close to the skin without harming the skin, more comfortable to use, shaving relatively fast, can easily shave beards in areas that are not easy to handle, such as chin and lips.

Disadvantages: The product is slightly louder, and there is no storage slot design, the shaved beard slag is easy to fall all over the ground, and the shaved beard root is slightly longer, and the charging time is too long.