In 2019, the stars let the fur blow up the screen

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“F Element” – Deep Fashion Original Number

2019 is waiting for you…

2019 Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year’s Eve concert,

Cai Xukun

Brought two of his own original songs. Also brought a beautiful fur to light up the 2019 all-star fur craze on the first day of the New Year. Admittedly, this is also the only piece of clothing that the editor remembers among the stars of the New Year’s Eve party.

In this era, on the first day of 2019. We were surprised to find that fur can be so fashionable and young, it has become the hottest weapon of young fashion icons. Just this outfit, which has already killed the same competition and other fresh meat on the radio station next door, has become a hot topic, and the same style immediately appeared on a certain treasure.

In fact, this 2019, stars have invariably used fur as a popular weather vane, from international to domestic, from small fresh meat to old bacon, all kinds of fur are worn. Fur comes with it

Star Fan

Natural fur is environmentally friendly and degradable, is a kind of breeding industry, but also a sustainable development fashion in the new era, loved by many stars, and proudly worn by more people.

Zhong Chuxi

Dressed in green fur, black trousers, white sneakers and black headbands, he is simply a little more handsome than a man. Who said that fur is not young, this outfit makes you immediately become a 00.

Hot mom

Chen Yihan

Also dressed in green fur, it does show a different sweetness and cuteness, and instantly reduces age and becomes a girl. Who said that this winter is cold to death, look

In winter, why can’t it feel cold?

44 years old

Wang Yan

, recently appeared in the hit “Shangxin, Forbidden City”, returned to the Forbidden City, upgraded to a hot mother Wang Yan is dressed in white fur, as quiet and atmospheric as the previous “Qinggege”.

Wearing a white fur coat, full of fashion, white natural fur fabric, set off the fair skin tone and calm temperament, walking under the red wall of the Forbidden City, it is particularly charming.

The same white fur, queen

Qin Lan

Wear a fashionable flowing style, with Fucha Rong Yin, like free white moonlight.

Xin Zhilei

This time, covering the same hairstyle, the black and white wool fur coat of his life is also a fashion trend that attracts attention.

Di Li Gerba

Not everyone can hold the long fur, you have to have a long leg, this aura is really nobody.

Gave birth to a second child

Jun Ji Hyun

Recently, I like down jackets with fur trim, and I have worn this combination to attend events many times, closely following the Chinese “big goose” fashion. With long-legged pants, height and strength overwhelm the audience.

Luo Jin

Fly from Beijing Airport to Shanghai Airport. He wears a baseball cap, a mask covering his face, and a black cotton coat with dark red fur trim, and the unique design of the fur on the outside of the collar is like a “chicken’s comb”, like a “pea shooter” personality and eye-catching.

It seems that if you want to pursue novelty and individuality, fur is also the magic weapon for stars.

Wang Jiaer

Appearing at the airport, he was dressed in fur, unruly and rugged, and his green beard showed vicissitudes and decadent handsomeness. Male stars who pursue a wild and rugged style also like this one.

Qi Wei

A fur tunic looks smart and free, but also elegant and delicate. Wear such a piece of fur, you can wear such a white dress in such winter.


It’s still really suitable for this fur, and the editor can’t help but send another one.

Yang Zi

She wore a baseball cap, revealing big bright eyes, and black fur trim made her look not so ordinary.

Guan Xiaotong

‘s clothes also have a clear upward trend, but others are tall and good-looking, that is, willful.


Dressed in fur, free and capable, but not without losing warmth, this winter can no longer be bloated, stars can show their good figures.

Xi Mengyao

I like black, and this time the black shearling jacket is the same, one black to the end, all the way to the end.

64 years old

Zhao Yazhi

The style is still the same, and the heart of Aimei has not changed due to age. Recently, she appeared at the airport wearing a purple fur denim jacket, and she was praised by everyone for her good temperament!

Wearing a purple turtleneck sweater and a purple denim jacket, this purple shirt has a furry purple fur collar, which is not only very eye-catching, but also makes Zhao Yazhi have a little more youthful vitality.

The current trend of ICON


, In addition to the strong design of sneakers and clothing, his wife Kardashian is also famous, Kanye West, who has always spoiled his wife, can be said to spoil his wife continuously. Of course, he will also be a little nicer to himself from time to time: this fur, triumphantly looking, is the happy life of stars in the new year!

Chen Yihan

Wang Yan

Qi Wei

Zhao Yazhi