After reading countless ancient books, I discovered how Tommy Hilfiger saved the “old soul” of young people

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When everyone is immersed in vintage shops, all

It has been invaded by many clothes with the “red, white and blue” logo or colorful pieces

That must be Tommy Hilfiger’s classic.

It straddles both fashion and trends

Treasure brand

Even a resident customer of the vintage store~ But even if I understand here,

You may still not quite understand.

Tommy Hilfiger

How to save the “old soul” of young trendy players.

“Tommy in the vintage shop,

to save our Old School critically ill patients. ”

It is not an exaggeration to say that Tommy Hilfiger occupies half of the vintage market.

This is mostly the case in Japan, the United States, Thailand, or vintage stores in China.


These Tommy Hilfigers are a bit old, but the visual impact of the bold color blocks makes people feel more “chopping” impulses.

The personality that can be matched without much effort, and the pompousness that highlights the street feeling,

Let its ancient supremacy be consolidated.

(This too.)


The reason is that every time I go to a vintage store, I can’t help but buy Tommy Hilfiger, wallet pawn~)

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Search for Tommy Hilfiger vintage items on vintage store websites or domestic resale platforms,

Thousands of results are commonplace.


Why is Tommy Hilfiger so popular and in demand?

In the slightly conservative ’80s, Tommy Hilfiger was quite equivalent

” “

Don’t get me wrong, it’s talking about it

In the 80s, there was a youth rush

of a series


The second year after the brand’s birth, founder Tommy Hilfiger boldly chose the coolest Coca-Cola at the time and designed a series of clothing


The first brand in history to design clothing for it

If you don’t buy Tommy Hilfiger’s Coca-Cola, you seem to be ashamed of the name of your cool kids:

Tommy Hilfiger sits firmly in the position of the ancient boss,

In addition to the number and variety, there are more reasons to make trendy players excited.

Hip-hop enthusiasts @OldschoolTan a “Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Free” player.

Even if he can pay the regular price Tommy Hilfiger, he prefers to go to vintage shops

Shop for clothes that have the flavor of the last century:

Tommy Hilfiger, who appeared at that time, was basically linked to Hip-Hop’s Golden Age.

Tommy in the vintage store can save us Old School severe patients (laughs).

In addition to the pleasure of finding medieval products,

It could also be the same as A$AP Rocky!

I love its vintage products, but also because I have the opportunity to buy the same Icon style.

The vlogger @paydaypickups, based on his experience of looking for vintage books:


Ge Tommy Hilfiger is a cost-effective shop in a vintage clothing store and it is not easy to step on the thunder to buy fakes. ”

In foreign forums, many netizens will share the Vintage Tommy Hilfiger they find every time:

For a good price, you can get a Tommy Hilfiger jacket or suspenders, this heavy work uniform

, not only received everyone’s praise, but also “so jealous” evaluation.

Although most of the previous Tommy Hilfiger pieces have become only reminiscable, there are many existing Vintage clothing that are still sought after by trend icons.

A$AP Rocky

In recent years, he has also become a vintage celebrity and wore a Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater on stage, which has made many trendy players fall into the pit.

And Kiko Mizuhara also wore this Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater, and the price was probably in the area

Around $65

Tyga is also a Vintage clothing enthusiast, and his Tommy Hilfiger jacket,

Compared with the trendy brand jackets on K at every turn, it is simply a value-for-money selection~

And you put it on,

It is the hip-hop blood passed down by Wu-Tang Clan and others:

Tommy Hilfiger officially appointed Yue Wenle as the face of Greater China in ’17.

Judging by the handsome poster photos of 666, you may not understand the phrase title.

pic via. lok666

In fact, it has even been loved by street hip-hop youth since the 80s.

The first characters to start wearing Tommy Hilfiger were

Legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan:

Raekwon, a member with a unique vision, chose Tommy Hilfiger when most rappers chose hip-hop clothing that was much the same.

Subsequently, Wu-Tang Clan members wore Tommy Hilfiger and even added the brand name to the lyrics, and because of this, Tommy Hilfiger became more and more known and loved

(Legendary combination of strength with goods~)

Nas & Mobb Dedp & Raekwon

In the 90s, Grand Puba, the coolest rapper of the time

Also in the lyrics,

added Tommy Hilfiger’s name;

So the brand once again caused a storm for everyone


OG rappers such as Snoopy Dogg liked to wear Tommy Hilfiger around the world;

Tommy Hilfiger, who became increasingly famous, even became a clothing sponsor for rappers, which was extremely unusual for the time, but

This “rebellious” brand is a game-changer, which is one of the reasons why it is loved by young people.

Until now, Tommy Hilfiger’s “red, white and blue” logo, or


is still the most common element on rappers.

In addition to A$AP Ferg, Playboi Carti, DJ Khaled, etc., they all like it

A Vintage Tommy Hilfiger that pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop

(Even Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Richard Hilfiger, is a rapper!) )。

And to attract a huge female market,

It’s the “rule breaker” gameplay that drives the opposite sex crazy:

Hidden in Tommy Hilfiger

” Business “

Under the exterior,

There is also a sexiness hidden in the waist of women,

It is the “underwear outside the underwear” method that we introduced earlier, and pioneer girls are imitating


Perhaps many people think that this way of dressing is initiated by unruly men,

But instead, it was led by Aaliyah, a bold female singer active in the 90s.

Like in the European and American music scene

” Black Pearl “

, attracting rappers such as 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, etc.

Drake even had her head tattooed onto her back

Aaliyah is also one

” Rule breaker “

She has adopted menswear as her own style of dress, especially Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing, which has long become her label.

This pioneering woman has not only become an indispensable opinion leader in Tommy Hilfiger’s history,

It has also become a role model for contemporary women to vent their personalities and true selves.

33 years ago with everyone “flying cola”,

Tommy Jeans returns to the blockbuster designs of the year:

Now Tommy Hilfiger has long become a leader in men’s wear brands, but it has never forgotten its original appearance and has not abandoned the trendy youth who grew up with it.

So another young feeder of Tommy Hilfiger

“ Tommy Jeans ”

Take a look at the brand’s hot pieces launched in the 90s:

Let us

No need to search through vintage shops to find Tommy Hilfiger’s 90s.

Compared to Tommy Hilfiger,

Tommy Jeans, the clothing of the young branch, can not only be more competitive in price than the main line,

Become a single item that the student party can also worry about;

At the same time, Tommy Jeans’ designs are more in line with the aesthetics of trendy youth

, so we can see Tommy Jeans’ logo in many icon photos.

Like what

A variety of contrasting jackets, sweatshirts, and denim suspenders that are the most photographed in Vintage Tommy Hilfiger products, and smaller pieces include the wrap pieces from Aaliyah’s classic look

Every Tommy Jeans product becomes a dressing weapon.

Not forgetting the original intention and paying homage to the classics seems to be Tommy Jeans’ best feedback to trendy players.

Because of this,

Tommy Jeans took his blockbuster design for Coca-Cola in the 80s,

In the form of a joint name, it is brought back to the attention of contemporary trend players.

This time the capsule series clothing co-branded by the two parties plays with a contrast design, which adds a lot of color to the first design in the 80s:

Dark blue, red, white, yellow, teal and sky blue, so that every trendy child with a different personality can have their own

The trend represents the color

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And this cooperation, the ingenuity of is,

The costumes of the period have been changed in a modern version,

Make it more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary trend youth.

In terms of style, there are also more choices than the cooperation of that year.

In addition to the long-sleeved pullovers and t-shirts that are essential for your wardrobe, there are zippered blazers, rugby shirts, hoodies, sports shorts, and more.

And every piece of clothing is printed

Tommy Jeans and Coca-Cola

The new logo of fusion design, the people who have witnessed these two logos put together, may have become your parents’ generation.

After 33 years, it is your and my turn to witness this cooperation that has swept the trend circle, and the significance of its “inheritance” is also precious,

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This collaboration at the end of April,

Maybe it will become, except for Avengers 4,

Another topic that you and your friends will talk about.

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