Volunteer teacher Li Ruiping: Do not forget the original intention, walk with love

Do not forget the original intention, walk with love, all the way to the south

——Li Ruiping, a volunteer teacher of the Xingxin Vocational and Technical College of the Ji Corps stationed in the Jiashi General Field

“Looking at the young figures of children, imagining what they will look like when they grow up, speaking standard Mandarin, and becoming useful talents in all walks of life in society, this is probably the biggest wish of a preschool teacher,” Li Ruiping said meaningfully.

Li Ruiping, female, 48 years old, a teacher at Xingxin Vocational and Technical College, a public institution affiliated to the XPCC Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, in response to the volunteer teaching work of preschool bilingual education cadres in southern Xinjiang, she actively signed up in September 2017 and went to the kindergarten of the Southern Xinjiang Jiashi General Field to teach as a teacher.

She understands that this is the time when the organization needs it, and it is also the glorious mission given to her by the organization, and she wants to go to the place where she needs it most to realize the value of life. After the end of the volunteer teaching work in 2018, she took the initiative to apply for an extension of the volunteer teaching work to three years, she said: “One year of volunteer teaching is like planting the seeds of hope, if I go back now, I will not see the seedlings blooming, I will feel particularly regretful, I hope to complete the kindergarten kindergarten three-year complete education and teaching cycle.”

Summarize experience and constantly explore teaching methods

As soon as she came to Kashgar Prefecture Jiashi Kindergarten, she was fortunate to become a preschool Chinese teacher in the primary (1) class, which has 38 students.

“When I walked into the classroom and faced a group of little babies who had difficulty communicating, I was a little overwhelmed…” said Li Ruiping.

Due to the discomfort in all aspects, the children cry a lot, and their hygiene, living habits are very lacking. Li Ruiping, who was originally a teacher, came into contact with the unfamiliar working environment of the kindergarten for the first time, and also summed up experience in continuous exploration, and stepped step by step on the right track of preschool Chinese education.

“How to improve children’s Mandarin level” and “How to create a good language learning environment” have become compulsory courses for Li Ruiping to learn every day. She observes every day, analyzes weekly, and summarizes monthly summaries, summarizing the education and teaching modes such as the combination of physical teaching and regular teaching, children’s daily conversation with regular teaching, and learning Mandarin in entertainment, so as to cultivate children’s interest in learning and strive to improve the teaching quality of the national common language. Her teaching experience and teaching mode along the way have been affirmed and praised by the Jiashi General Field Kindergarten.

Walk with love and always send warmth

From the morning inspection to the children’s departure from the kindergarten, from the class to the pre-dinner and after-meals, Li Ruiping carefully pays attention to each child’s every move and finds abnormal situations and deals with them in time.

“The little ones are getting better and better every day, day by day. It was also the moment when I shook hands and hugged, I noticed that the children’s clothes were thin, and their shoes and hats were lacking. In late autumn, I still wear sandals barefoot, only a pair of thin autumn pants, and even the sole of the shoe is glued and unganged, and the front and back of the baby girl’s pants are full of holes and cracks…” Speaking of this, Li Ruiping’s nose was sour and her eyes were moist.

She did her best to launch WeChat moments and QQ groups to call on relatives and friends to donate children’s products such as clothing, shoes and hats, toys, stationery and so on. Since the release of the fundraising information, we have received nearly 100 love packages of various sizes! These parcels are filled with 1,000 new children’s down jackets, 1,200 new knitted children’s scarves, 1,180 pairs of cotton children’s socks, 1,000 new picture books, more than 800 children’s masks, 590 new children’s short-sleeved T-shirts, 300 new boxes of various watercolor pens, 200 new stationery boxes, 167 custom calico hooded sweatshirts, 100 new pairs of children’s five-finger flip gloves, 72 new pencils, 60 autumn and winter boy’s and girls’ hats, two new boxes of 60 erasers, and a large bucket of 50 new pencil knives , an HP brand laser color inkjet printer, and a number of scattered new children’s clothing and all kinds of new leather balls, inflatable balls, elastic balls, etc. net value equivalent to about 200,000 yuan, and successively there are new sweaters, new cotton socks, new gloves and other packages on the way to the mail, she paid the pickup fee of more than 1,000 yuan out of her own pocket. These donations of clothes and materials not only warm the children’s bodies, but also warm the hearts of the children.

Don’t forget your original intention, all the way south

In line with the principle of “everything for children, for all children”, watering and cultivating kindergarten elves in southern Xinjiang with love, then the flowers of these motherlands will bloom more brilliantly. Having love is happiness, giving love is happy, Li Ruiping is willing to use three years not long, do her best to make children learn happily and grow up healthily, so that love will always shine in the volunteer teaching work!

“I imagine that my hard work and dedication can bring infinite possibilities to children and give them the warmest love in childhood. The volunteer teaching life of the preschool Chinese in southern Xinjiang has given me an unlimited experience and feeling. Write down a lot of strokes on your life scroll, and life is richer and more wonderful because of it. Li Ruiping said.

She believes that true love can ignite dreams, true feelings can sow hope, how much love to give, and how much gratitude to receive. During her days at Jiashi Kindergarten, she was also grateful that the hardship of living conditions was not terrible, but it sharpened her mind and cultivated her fearless courage. It is the pure kindness and thirst for knowledge of the children that motivates her to do her job well. Although three years may not teach children much knowledge, she uses her practical actions to make children feel the warmth of love and being loved.

She did not forget her original intention, walked with love, and went all the way south, making her due contribution to the development of preschool education in the XPCC and southern Xinjiang.

(Correspondent Sun Huanhuan, XPCC Xingxin Vocational and Technical College)