Meng pet: What is the dog ear? How to distinguish between ear mites and ear wads?

The ear can not be seen by microscope, but there will be some reddish brown or black dirty things in the dog’s ear after the ear, will bring itching, leading to dogs. Dead scratch and shake his head. At this time, the dog’s body will be more uncomfortable, first take the right measures to clean the ear canal, and stick to the nursing for a while, helping the dog to return to the normal ears as soon as possible.


1, do it well and health

The ear will be transmitted back and forth between the small animals. Therefore, I have to isolate the dog alone in a cage, and there are other pets in my home. I have to isolate it separately. Then use disinfectant to clean it, and then first clean the dog’s item, then clean the scattered hair with the vacuum cleaner, and then drag the dog frequently with the disinfection water. Cleaning and disinfection issues once before the recovery of ear.


2, handle ear


Handling the ears must first clean the dirty things in the ear, but you can’t use the cotton swab directly to clean it, because the dog’s ear canal is relatively deep, showing “L” font, cotton swabs are not clear. You can clean the hair of the foreurma, and use the scissors with scissors. After soften the ear in the ear or vegetable oil, clean it with wipes, and clean it carefully. After that, I dropped into Wang Xi’s drops in the ear, fixed the dog’s head, and let the dog let go, let the dog take the dirty things, and then use the paper towel to clean up.

Of course, once it is unable to solve the ear, so pay attention to the process of handling for a while, once a day, insist on the three weeks, until the dog’s ear is not smelling.

3, supplement nutrition

If you want the dog’s ear, you should also pay attention to preparing some nutritious food to supplement, you can add nutrition creams, goat milk powder, meat, fruit and vegetables in the dog food, you can spend some chicken soup, Fish soup is supplemented. If the dog is crying, you have to clean it with a clean soft towel and drop it into Wang Xi’s eye.