Adidas Predator 18.1 women’s color scheme

As the first exclusive color of the Predator 18.1 series, the appearance of light gray and burgundy brings a brighter and simpler beauty to women’s football.

Yes, this is a color scheme specifically for women’s football, but what is the difference between it and men’s models? The only technical difference is that the women’s version has a slightly narrower silo width, and the outsole is also a redesigned round spike outsole that differs from the men’s new stud construction.

In addition, it is exactly the same as the men’s Predator 18.1, both equipped with a ControlSkin upper and a Primeknit high-top collar.

This color scheme is specially introduced for women’s football girls, so the shoe size spans UK3.5-9.5, if you have a pair of small feet, then the women’s color scheme can also be tried.