Antibacterial and clean smell, super soft and warm, 8H bedding is also very good

Recently, the snow in the northeast has been very heavy, and my side has ushered in the second snow of this winter, and the snow is very heavy. The outdoor temperature is very sour, although there is heating indoors, but it is not as hot as in previous years, the quilt at home has been covered for several years, it is not very good to cover and it is a little cold, quickly change the bed quilt for the family. Everyone knows that I entered the 8H mattress a few months ago, half a year, the experience is very good, so I have a good impression of this brand, his house happens to have bedding, this time the quilt directly chose his home.

The quilt has also bought a few beds, like 8H such a good packaging is really the first time to see, it is packed in a very good quality box, the pull-lock type of unpacking method is more textured, the inside is wrapped in a thick packaging bag, the quilt travels long distance, but the packaging quality is excellent, so the protection is very good and clean, and it is really face-saving to give people away in this packaging configuration.

My bed quilt is 8H fresh antibacterial super soft warm quilt, I deliberately did not buy down filling, because down filling is still not very suitable for home with floor heating, covering will be hot. The inner filling of this quilt is 100% polyester, evenly filled, very thick, the specification is 220×240 cm, my 1 meter 8 bed covered tightly, the size is sufficient, the quilt is light and heavy.

When the package is opened, the quilt has good ductility, a moderate sense of fluffiness, and is well spread. The fabric of the quilt I must highlight that the northern winter indoor is very dry, if the fabric of the bedding is not good, followed by electrostatic torture, it is no exaggeration to say that when I changed the quilt cover at my house before, I have to wear a pair of rubber gloves, that also have to be electrocuted once or twice, and the fabric of the 8H bed quilt is excellent, the density is very large, very thick, and there is no static electricity at all, I can change the quilt cover very elegantly, which I really love!

The edging details of the quilt are very delicate and three-dimensional, and the car line ratio is straight and neat, this kind of small details can be seen, small details highlight quality, and the workmanship is really not a choice.

The quilt is easy to run around in the process of covering, before the bed quilt at home is just a four-corner belt buckle, the phenomenon of quilt cover and quilt offset is very uncomfortable, 8H preservation fresh antibacterial super soft insulation is not only the four corner belt is buckled, the middle of each quilt side is also buckled, so that this quilt is 8 buckles, the quilt is fixed under the 8 buckles and the quilt cover is more fixed, no matter how unstable your sleeping posture is, you don’t have to worry about the quilt shifting.

The quilt does not have any peculiar smell, the material is safe, and this quilt also has the effect of antibacterial and clean odor, to contact the quilt for several hours a day, and can not be washed as frequently as clothes, cleaning problems should also be paid attention to, with antibacterial and clean odor effect to protect the human body is more perfect.

Let’s see if the effect of the quilt on the bed is very good, I am personally very satisfied with this quilt, and the price is also close to the people. The crimping pattern on the quilt looks very comfortable, and it feels good without a quilt cover, haha.

After covering it for a week, my family gave me feedback that it was much warmer than a single quilt, and the warmth locking effect was satisfactory. The skin is quickly warmed up when first touched, very comfortable, mainly the skin is particularly soft when contacted, the skin-friendly feeling is excellent, and the family is satisfied. If your family needs to change a quilt, why not try 8H fresh antibacterial super soft warm quilt, you will not be disappointed.