Ni Ping is the “top” of the aunt circle, wearing a white jacket with jeans, “loose and tight” enough

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As a more mature middle-aged female star, in the daily outing generally will be low-key and simple, Ni Ping is such a calm woman, this appearance, she only wore a black T-shirt with white sunscreen, the lower body is jeans, don’t look at it simple, “loose and tight” matching method is very fashionable, simply a fashionable elf, let’s take a look.

First: (Minimalist black and white)

For middle-aged women, in the selection of colors need to be snacked, too rich colors although it looks gorgeous, but extremely easy to give bells and whistles, must avoid this, if you are not sensitive enough to color selection and matching, you may wish to try minimalist black and white.

Just like Ni Ping, the overall tone is black, and with a white jacket over the T-shirt, it will add a lot of color to the whole and will not look monotonous. Ni Ping is the “top” of the aunt circle, wearing a white jacket with jeans, “loose and tight” enough.

Second: (Printed black T-shirt as underwear)

Ni Ping’s dressing is not inferior to young people, black T-shirt with white sunscreen clothing, age-reducing and foreign, when it comes to the most practical items, it must be a T-shirt, which is almost the existence of one hand, unisex, very suitable for choosing in the summer, like Ni Ping chose to use a printed black T-shirt as the inner layer of his outfit, it is very collaborative, no matter what item is matched on its basis, it will not go wrong, but also create a full layer, practical and comfortable.

Third: (white sports coat)

Outside with a white sports jacket, in fact, when you go out daily, carrying a jacket is a good choice, if the weather is very hot, the sun is very large, it can play a role in sun protection outside, in slightly cold weather is more practical, it is easy to put on and take off, warmth can be guaranteed, sporty style stretch is also very good, the figure will not be too constrained.

Fourth: (cropped jeans)

Jeans are all women will choose the item, because it is versatile and fashionable, and there are many styles, you can choose according to the actual situation, if you enter middle age, and just face the problem of fortune, it is better to try the shape of radish pants, it leaves some space in the thighs, there is a certain inclusiveness of the legs, to the calves to make a foot design, and the use of a cropped cut, expose your ankles, which can give people a refreshing and neat temperament, full of age.

Don’t be too anxious about age, women have a unique charm no matter what age, to be like Ni Ping, calmly reconcile with their age, and then walk a casual and dashing style, which is much better than those who deliberately dress up, let’s take a look at Ni Ping’s other outfits, don’t miss the beauty who wants to walk intellectual elegance.

Ni Ping’s dressing trick easily reduces her age by more than 10 years: “suit + ingenious little details”

The suit itself is a very orthodox item, it will bring everyone a decent and dignified temperament, so when attending important events, many mature women will use it to concave the shape, but the too serious fit looks a little old-fashioned, no one wants to make themselves look lifeless, at this time, some ingenious small details can be integrated.

Double-breasted buttons on the chest of a suit can add a sense of design and create a bit of metallic luster, or use a flared sleeve design, which will bring a bit of vintage beauty, and the inclusiveness of the arms is much stronger, while also being elegant and high-class.


In the cold autumn and winter, the appearance rate of knitwear is relatively high, especially for middle-aged women, keeping warm is very important, so you can choose knitwear to show your charm. Ni Ping likes to choose colors that show temperament, whether it is dark blue or earthy, it has a full effect on the skin tone, its fabric is soft, and comfort can of course be guaranteed.

“Check Piece”

Many women in the choice of clothing, do not know how to choose the style, in fact, check elements are very practical, although the pure color is the most atmospheric, but inevitably dull, the fusion of check elements will only improve the design, and create a full layer, make you look intellectually elegant, will not affect the overall style at all.

“Trench coat”

If it is autumn, the trench coat is of course essential, its shape is wide, and it can wrap almost all your body curves, if you are fat, it will not be seen at all, its wind barrier is super strong, and it is also very versatile, it is recommended that you wear a scarf when you go out, so that it will look warmer.

As a female star, Ni Ping’s outfits are still worth trying, if you are not confident enough in yourself, you don’t have to be too demanding, and it is not impossible to wear a sense of luxury from simplicity, the key is to see your pursuit.

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