Playful and fresh dress, beautiful match with a cinched waist to show thin and elongated body proportions

Temperament dresses can make you small sexy or cute, with positive and motivated colors, waist to show thinness can also lengthen the proportion of the body, intellectual and elegant, playful and fresh.

1. New Korean chiffon flared sleeve, mid-waist princess sleeve mid-sleeve fresh dress

2, women’s dress 2014 heavy industry eugen yarn plate flower fresh flower princess dress

3, 2014 new summer wear vintage Sen chiffon long skirt dress dress small broken flowers fresh bottom skirt Ayilian goddess

4. 2014 summer new Korean version slim sweet little floral fresh short-sleeved chiffon dress 

5, Lingguo 2014 summer women’s new small fresh large size short-sleeved skirt Korean version ponpoong organza dress women

6, 2014 summer new women’s clothing, Korean version small fresh short sleeve chiffon dress women’s summer two-piece suit striped skirt


Women’s summer wear 2014 new Korean version women’s short sleeve skirt heavy embroidery organza small fresh sweet dress


Ink concept 2014 summer new sleeveless crewneck dress Korean version slim small fresh women’s linen skirt

9, 2014 summer Korean version new mesh chiffon lady seven-sleeved small fresh dress woman


Europe stand 2014 dress summer long dress Korean version small fresh large size women’s dress summer print skirt

11, fat mm new hemp cotton lace dress short sleeves do not show the belly shows thin college student skirt Korean sweet and fresh

12, three-dimensional embroidery vest dress summer dress 2014 new jacquard small fresh off-the-shoulder sleeveless vest skirt

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