Be sure to pack a high-waisted skirt in winter! Whether it is an H-shaped or A-shaped body, it covers the flesh

People in front of the screen may not know that I love high-waisted skirts to the bone, and my friend asked me if I have any good items recently, and I excitedly said “high-waist skirts”. My colleague asked me if I had any particularly useful commuting items, I said “high-waisted skirt”, and my sister, who had just entered college, asked me if there was a piece that was suitable for the student party and not easy to collide, and I said “high-waist skirt”.

It was like I had that serious illness when I was wearing a high-waisted skirt, but at this time, other people’s opinions were no longer important to me, because I finally got my wish to get a skirt from all my friends!

There are actually many high-waisted skirts suitable for wearing out in winter, you can first choose according to your own dressing preferences, like the preppy style of the little fairy, you can choose this classic checked pleated skirt on the blogger, like the little fairy of daily commuting, you can choose a solid color straight or A-line skirt, like cute Japanese little fairy, you can choose a skirt with lace, print or raw design.

In order to create a set of exquisite and fashionable looks in the campus, the blogger specially chose a knitted sweater to match with a skirt, the color of a small area echoes the strong uniformity, and the beige tweed coat brightens the overall tone, light and stable and girly!

Berets, blue scarves, blue-purple knitted sweaters and blue-pink appear together, since the overall look is stunning and fashionable, but also can highlight the sensitivity to color without ensuring practicality, the same color system shows a sense of layering, it is very difficult to do!

The denim skirt is also a style that I hope you can focus on, the straight fit design covers the flesh and shows the skin, the structured fabric design, simple and capable, the simple and neat effect is especially suitable for small children.

You can wear it with an off-white knitted sweater like a blogger for a simple fit that allows you to commute daily.

However, there is this need for everyone to pay attention to, bloggers choose a crewneck knitted sweater with a turtleneck undershirt, which is more suitable for a little fairy with a long neck and a small face, and other neck lengths and face shapes are more suitable for choosing a turtleneck with a V-neck knitted cardigan. This greatly reduces the feeling of oppression!

The blue straight skirt can be matched with a pure white down jacket, choose a short style, it will make the whole neat and capable, choose a long style, will make the whole look light and stable!

High-waist pleated college skirt, at present, is more suitable for the choice of the little sisters in the south, and when the little sisters in the north choose, they must be matched with flesh-colored fleece leggings to wear out, and you must remember Oh~

The reason why it is recommended that you choose this dark pleated short skirt is because it can say goodbye to frivolity, even if you have no age advantage, wearing it will not be offensive, and secondly, it can be versatile in top colors, pure white turtleneck sweater and mint green small fragrant jacket are standard.

If you feel that this color on the blogger is too picky, you can also choose a slightly more everyday model, black and white gray and Morandi colors can be matched. Its versatility is reflected in its ability to be paired with both light and dark tops.

I don’t know if you have noticed such a skirt, its skirt looseness exceeds 180°, its skirt length and skirt pleated design are very basic and low-key, like this feeling of the little fairy, must code the blogger on this skirt.

The biggest feature of this style of skirt is that it is very flesh-covering, like my particularly stubborn calf muscles are easily covered by it, and it also has excellent performance in modifying the waist-hip ratio and thigh circumference.

If you like this classic coffee-colored umbrella skirt on the blogger, you can choose a brighter top color to match it, yellow, red, green, blue or even pure white can be started.

If you want to open up the overall layout a little, you need to pay special attention to the design of small details, blue denim canvas bag and dark blue high socks, white knit hat and white sneakers on the color echo must not fall!

If you choose a skirt with a slightly lighter color, you need to pay more attention to the color of the top that matches it when choosing a top!

The least error-prone combination is to choose a macaron top that has the same aesthetic as the top, and the fresh and vulgar top is paired with an elegant and low-key skirt, reducing age without affecting height!

If you feel that these two colors on the blogger are not very suitable for mature women to choose, you can also choose to change the top and bottom clothes to basic black and white tones, under normal circumstances, upper white and lower black is the most suitable for the public’s aesthetics, but if you are an apple-shaped body, it is understandable to choose upper black and lower white!