Add a touch of understated luxury to your look, a designer belt full of high-end texture

Accessories are especially important for fashion styling, such as the CHAUMET jewelry introduced earlier, LOEWE’s booties and 4 light luxury small square watches are all accessories that can enhance the overall sophistication and integrity of the outfit. In addition to the handbags, shoes and jewelry that are often mentioned, there is actually another accessory that we often use but inadvertently overlook, and that is belts!

A belt not only has the function of adjusting the waistline, but also a good thing that can outline the waist line and embellish the fashion shape, which can be said to be very practical. Belts are especially useful in autumn and winter, when clothes are usually bloated and multi-layered, so there is a great need for a belt that can help organize your clothes and show off your figure. In recent years, most of the belt designs have focused on the logo of luxury brands, with different colors of leather, and when simply placed on the body, it exudes a low-key luxury feeling.


Reversible leather belt


Leather belt


BB leather belt


Leather waist belt


Valentino Garavani VLOGO leather belt


Monogramme watersnake belt