Uncoated iron pan is the only one to achieve stainless Subor iron pan false claims

Cast iron pans, fine iron pans, stainless iron pans, iron pans with coatings based on iron … At present, there are many varieties of iron pots on the market, many of which claim “stainless steel”, “non-stick”, “no (less) oil smoke”, “heat storage (heat preservation)” and so on. So, do these iron pots have the various functions advertised, and what is their quality? How should consumers choose? On December 1, the reporter learned that recently, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission carried out a comparative test of iron pots, testing and comparing the chemical safety performance and use performance of iron pots that consumers are concerned about, and providing effective reference for consumers to buy suitable products with real data.

The test involved 16 samples

The test samples were purchased from 4 supermarkets in Nanchang City, including China Resources Vanguard, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, and Wangzhongwang, as well as e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Jingdong, and Taobao, including 10 uncoated iron pots, including Top 100 Chinese Pig Iron Pots, Xintian Pure Iron Woks, Astar Precision Cast Iron Pots, Aishida Good Helper Precision Cast Iron Pots, Zhensanhuan Handmade Iron Woks, Shunda Uncoated Fine Iron Woks, Cooking Emperor Fine Iron Woks, Qingzhan Elegant Stainless Iron Woks, Aishida Stainless Iron Pots, Subor Stainless Iron Boilers; There are 6 types of coated iron pans, including: MAXCOOK non-stick iron wok, Subor core iron real stainless wok, Aishida fine iron pan, Bonsney wok, Podumai rice stone non-stick pan, double crown mafan stone non-stick pan.

There are many problems with label identification

There are 6 labels that lack some elements required by the Product Quality Law, and there are problems such as not marking the main material information, not marking the implementation standards, and not finding the product inspection certificate. For example, the labels of Subor Good Helper Precision Cast Iron Pot, Shunda Uncoated Fine Iron Wok, Qingzhan Elegant Stainless No Lidless Wok, and Double Crown Maifan Stone Non-stick Pan do not indicate the main material information; Shunda uncoated fine iron wok, Podu Mai Fan stone non-stick pan did not find the inspection certificate; The Zhensanhuan handmade iron pot wok is not marked with the implementation standard information.

Consumption reminders

There is no absolute distinction between the functions of the three types of iron pots

According to the results of this comparative test, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission reminds consumers that the uncoated iron pots on the market at present, there are claims of pig iron pots, fine (cast) iron pots, stainless iron pots, etc., and after testing, it is found that these three types of iron pots have no absolute distinction in various functions and use experience.

Uncoated iron pan should be “opened” before first use

The Provincial Consumer Protection Commission reminds that the uncoated iron pot should be “opened” before the first use. If the pot is cleaned and heated, rub the pan evenly with fatty pork with skin many times, and then wash it with hot water, repeat the above steps several times, and finally drizzle some vegetable oil, wipe it with kitchen paper before use, etc.

Text / Xu Jiahui, full media reporter of Jiangnan Metropolis Daily