What to wear in a down jacket? Don’t do these 3 sweaters! Buy!

The jacket that everyone wears the most in winter is the down jacket! Especially with a sweater underneath, it is even warmer and good-looking! Down jacket with the sweater you often wear, there are many beautiful pictures~

But even if it is such a versatile item, it is still easy to step on the thunder if you choose it badly!

So today I will talk to you about which sweater items need to be avoided!


Pay special attention to the crowd: girls with broad shoulders and thick backs.

Although the thick sweater is very warm, I must tell you cruelly,

It comes with an inflated visual sense, and it really looks super fat when you wear it!

It is accompanied by a sense of drape,

Very unfriendly to short people!

It is recommended that girls with wide shoulders and thick backs avoid this thick thread sweater~

Similarly, openwork sweaters are usually thick needles, vaguely revealing the skin, but this is not only not sexy, but full of a cheap taste~

And the winter cold wind drills into the cracks of the sweater, it is really cold death!

The practicality is not strong at all.

If you really like the girl with thick knits,

You can consider changing to this regular and neat style, with meticulous stitches ~ has a slimming effect!

Whether worn as an outside or an inside, it is the same basic and good-looking~

I have also sorted out a few fine needle sweaters that are worth buying~


Single product recommendation.

M Queen’s twist sweater has very delicate needlework and thread, and the camel color is still very temperamental. ▼

Tao Order: ¥UspKbOPAlnU¥

Reference price: 121RMB

The ginger one is also good, and this is the color I recently bought for a new sweater! ▼

Tao Order: ¥5jmobM8A6La¥

Reference price: 142RMB

C&A’s white fine-needle sweater is perfect as an underwear, and the price is also friendly~▼

Tao Order: ¥zmJFbOimz6R¥

Reference price: 89RMB

Pay special attention to the crowd: girls with slippery shoulders and hunchbacks.

In the shape of the sweater, the shoulder line is very important, in order to make the shoulders look structured ~

For a wide shoulder shape, the dropped shoulder sweater can weaken the visual effect of the shoulders, making the overall look more coordinated.

But for shoulder-slipping, hunchback stars, dropped shoulder sweaters are your “number one enemy”!

Not only does it magnify the shortcomings such as the thick shoulder and back, but the overall appearance is very unenergetic.

So girls should remember the importance of shoulder line!

Like the shoulder line in the figure below, the higher it is, the less likely it is to expose the shoulder problem, and it also looks thin~

There are also styles of this kind of stitching design,

Use the trick of blinding the eye, visually improve the shoulder line, and the function of showing thin~

I also picked out a few sweater styles for the girls with obvious shoulder lines.

2 Recommended items.

Striped sweaters are very good,

Use lines to weaken shoulder problems.

Pass: ¥9xhzbORca9w¥

Reference price: 179RMB

Freshtaro is a Taobao store that I have been following for a long time.

The price and style are very suitable for the girls of the student party~▼

Tao Order: ¥TUMtbOOfTt6¥

Reference price: 135RMB

The shoulder line of the UR is also more obvious, and the design of the high neck makes it super warm in winter! ▼

Tao Order: ¥cYx3bOlAlYT¥

Reference price: 199RMB

Pay special attention to the crowd: girls with plump upper bodies.

Its wide sleeves happen to step on the minefield, and it will appear that its upper body is bloated and fat.

Plus it’s not good to match the coat in winter, and the sleeve part is stacked in the coat,

The whole person looks like a circle in an instant!

Unless you are a paper person, I really don’t recommend girls to start!

If you want to create this lazy feeling similar to that brought by bat sleeves,

I suggest that girls can also choose a light sweater with a drape~

It is recommended that girls with shoulder slipping problems can consider the following light sweaters~

Haco’s V-neck design shows the lazy style super gentle~▼

Tao Order: ¥mPNjbOOA7va¥

A draped sweater with a color-block style that is warm and not dazzling in winter. ▼

Taoko: ¥EmGtbOm2ls5¥

Reference price: 118RMB

There is also a matcha-colored draping sweater with white ~▼

Tao Order: ¥kuHFbMj0QG5¥

Girls more or less encounter sweaters with pilling fabrics,

Therefore, the material is also a problem that we must consider when buying sweaters~


I think the fabric that is most likely to pill is wool~

Wool itself is a very fluffy natural fiber, and after wearing and rubbing for a long time, it will cause more pile to become pilling.

And more than 90% of this sweater is made of acrylic,

Then no matter how good-looking girls are, they should think about it more!!

Acrylic fiber.

Acrylic is also a fabric that is easy to pill and is very stubborn and does not fall.

Mohair is a relatively common, beautiful sweater, although it is not easy to pill,

However, due to its smooth fiber, it is easy to fall off.



So this kind of mohair fabric, buy it home will definitely lose hair crazy!

★ I still recommend that you choose sweaters that mix acrylic, spandex, wool, polyester and other fabrics~

It can be said to be a combination of the advantages of various fabrics, and it is relatively not easy to pill!

The following materials of sweaters, girls may wish to consider ~

4 Recommended items.

This solid sweater with mixed fabrics is available in two colors, making it both beautiful and practical!

Taokou: ¥j4rRbOm65bg¥

Reference price: 128RMB

M Queen’s cotton sweater is also intimately marked with anti-pilling ~

Pass: ¥gkubbOmjSLE¥

Reference price: 95RMB

The scenery page page is also a Taobao store that I recommend, and its sweaters are also not prone to pilling problems~

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Reference price: 168RMB





Reference price: 89RMB

2 Recommended items.

Reference price: 199RMB