Don’t always buy black boots! Now it is more popular to “little white boots”, versatile and advanced, Yang Mi has already changed them

Since entering the winter, boots have become a cold resistance “killer” for many girls’ daily wear, especially small black boots, the basic color and style are simple and versatile, but also conform to the current dull winter wearing atmosphere, in contrast, the popularity of “little white boots” in the hipster circle is higher, easy to match and with its own visual highlights, such as the next 4 “little white boots” are good, can definitely save your choice difficulties ~

1. White Martin boots

Sweet and cool white Martin boots, can be said to almost “parry” different styles of clothing items in the wardrobe, its boot height is between 30cm ~ 40cm, the wearer’s leg length does not have too many requirements, combined with the classic pure white tone, can easily improve the eye-catching index of the shape, so that your outfit becomes low-key and attitude. Like Song Qian’s airport outfit, she chose a white Martin boots, paired with a slightly gentle little white skirt and a printed knitted cardigan, and the whole LOOK is both individual and has a touch of femininity.

White Martin boots with a boot height just above the ankle, if you want to highlight the proportion of leg length in the matching, you may wish to try straight cropped pants, whose top and bottom of the same width pants can show legs thin legs straight, combined with the cropped pants length design, just after wearing the body and the position of the boot head seamlessly, creating a leg length equal to the length of the pants plus the height of the boots, high and very sassy. For example, Yang Mi has tried the combination of “cropped straight pants + white Martin boots” CP, even with a basic shirt, the whole outfit is very eye-catching.

2. Pointy little white boots

As a “high-flying weapon” in small white boots, pointy toe little white boots are definitely a shoe that short girls should not miss, its toe design is pointed, showing a V-shaped shape, not only can visually lining the foot shape, but also the effect of lengthening the proportion of the lower body, in the style of shaping is not single, you can change the way to make its style look too formal. For example, Gigi’s street photo LOOK wears a pair of pointed-toe little white boots, paired with a crop top print sweatshirt and skinny denim trousers, which can inadvertently show off the uninhibited personality.

However, the shoe shape of the pointed toe little white boots is narrow, if you are a fat star with wide feet, you should choose carefully, if you are really worried that you will squeeze your feet when you wear them, you can also retreat to the second place, choose a style with narrow feet, but the toe design is square, this kind of piece is more tolerant of the foot shape, but it has the effect of showing the leg length of pointed toe boots. Like the little white boots worn by Angelababy this time, it is suitable for girls with wide feet, just choose a high-heeled style, no matter what bottoms you match, you can instantly have long legs~

3. White mid-tube boots

Compared with over-the-knee boots, white mid-tube boots are wider in terms of suitable people and matching items, not only suitable for girls with thick calves and short legs, but also with different lengths of bottoms, and the warmth effect is also better, which is very suitable for wearing in late winter. Like Jing Tian when walking to the airport, he wore a pair of white mid-tube boots, and the design of the black sole and black straps can emphasize the visual contrast, so that the recognition of the whole pair of shoes is enhanced, fashionable and personal.

Girls can also “draw inferences” when choosing white mid-barrel boots, combined with the selection points mentioned earlier, try to get pointed white over-the-knee boots, not only can accommodate the calf belly position through the design of the mid-barrel boots, but also rely on the unique leg length effect of pointed toe boots to maximize the improvement of the leg shape, especially suitable for girls with calf belly and short legs. Like Yuan Shanshan’s outfit, she chose a white mid-barrel pointed toe boots, even if the entire LOOK does not deliberately highlight the waist line, it can still show its aura through boots.

4. White cowboy boots

As a common boot worn by cowboys in the West in the last century, cowboy boots have always had a strong American atmosphere, which can easily highlight the street atmosphere, and its iconic V-shaped notch design at the toe can also improve the wearer’s leg shape, and girls don’t hurry to include it in your winter grass list. For example, Wei Ya’s magazine style is wearing a white cowboy boots, with a black leather skirt made of patent leather material, full of sassy sense paved~

Generally speaking, white cowboy boots have a looser body, girls can try to use it to choose a variety of pants during the dressing process, and easily tucked the legs into the boots, so that the leg proportions look better. For example, Xuanmei’s LOOK chose the outfit of “denim trousers + white cowboy boots”, which can not only show a strong street style, but also appear to have longer legs.

Don’t always buy black boots! Now it is more popular to “little white boots”, versatile and advanced, Yang Ying has already changed them. There are thousands of types of boots, girls don’t always buy black, it’s better to try more “little white boots”, not only as versatile as little black boots, but also light up your winter LOOK.