6 smart watches with accurate positioning and long battery life, suitable for you who love sports

For people who love sports, it is very necessary to wear a smart device to record their sports data and physical state, and most men will choose sports watches instead of bracelets, because the watch is tough, mature and textured.

Next, I recommend 6 sports watches with long-lasting life, which are strong and durable, and big brands are more guaranteed.

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Otherwise, the interval between the watch and the interval is not accurate


Casio Casio | PROTREK series

Practical mountaineering watch, one of the three major radio watch brands


Casio started with calculators, but for now watches are its mainstay. Only three watch brands in the world have mastered the technology to produce radio watches, of which Casio radio watches account for about 40% of the global radio watch market share.

The PROTREK series is positioned as a professional mountaineering watch, unified with triple sensors, which can measure compass orientation, altitude, altitude and temperature, mostly 100 meters water resistance, borrowing from the structural design of G-SHOCK, with high durability. Most of this series does not have GPS and navigation capabilities, but has solar charging.

The price of PRW style ranges from 3000~6000 yuan. The new PRT-B50 is priced at 1800~2700 yuan according to the material, which is the more affordable model in the PROTREK series. In addition to the basic triple sensor, the PRT-B50 has a step counting and Bluetooth function, which can be connected to the mobile phone APP PRO TREK Connected.


Casio Casio | G-SHOCK

A sports watch that is powerful and not afraid of falling


When Casio’s watch business started, watches were still very fragile precision mechanical products, and the shockproof watch G-SHOCK, which was launched in 1983, subverted this conventional tradition. The Casio G-SHOCK series of watches is known worldwide for their rugged and durable features, with millions of units sold each year.

As an electronic watch, G-SHOCK is powerful, and can be worn as a sports watch, waterproof and sweatproof, durable, solar watch lasts a long time, and some models also have a six-round radio wave automatic timing function.

G-SHOCK has several series, all of which provide solar charging, generally do not worry about battery life, consumers can choose according to their needs. For example, the G-SQUAD is specially designed for daily exercisers, and all watches have Bluetooth and step counting functions. The G-LIDE series is designed for water sports, and all series have 200M water resistance.


Coros goetzpartners | VERTIX

Suitable for long-distance mountaineering activities with harsh environment


Coros is a young smart sports equipment company, founded in Silicon Valley in 2014, the core team and factories are in China, focusing on smart sports helmets and smart sports watches, and its products have won many awards from authoritative media such as Outside, Outdoorgearlab and Triathlon.

Vertix is the flagship version launched by Coros in 2019, priced at 3999 yuan, equipped with altitude, air pressure, temperature, positioning and heart rate functions, covering running, swimming, cycling, iron three and other outdoor sports and indoor fitness scenes, as well as blood oxygen sensors to adapt to altitude exercise, in excess exercise to issue an early warning, prevent altitude sickness in advance.

With a minimum operating temperature as low as -20°C, a high-precision GPS mode battery life of 60 hours, and an UltraMax mode battery life of 150 hours, it is very suitable for long-distance mountaineering activities in harsh environments.


Garmin Garmin | Instinct

Military-standard heat-resistant, waterproof and impact-resistant


Instinct mountaineering watch can work normally in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, supports 100-meter water resistance, earthquake and corrosion resistance, and supports four-star positioning system, strong professionalism.

The latest solar version Instinct Solar has added PULSE OX pulse oximetry, and the battery life is also stronger, the battery life in smart mode has been increased from 14 days to 54 days in the old version, and the solar charging state has turned on the precision GPS mode, and the battery life is 38 hours.

The exterior design is also quite eye-catching, the dial is simple and stylish, and there are a variety of colors such as orange, white, yellow, and black to choose from. In the field of mountaineering watches dominated by masculine design, Instinct takes into account the needs of female users, and the colorful design is loved by more users, priced at about 1500 yuan.


Garmin Garmin | FENIX 6 series

Solar intelligent, high-configuration sports watch


Garmin FENIX series is the flagship sports watch for mountaineering, itself also provides a power-saving mode, 6 series as the latest product, but also equipped with Power Glass solar charging surface, battery life upgrade, 6 series product FENIX 6X PRO in the case of a certain intensity of sunlight charging, the battery life increased from 64 days to 64 + 21 days of 5 series FENIX 5X PLUS.

All 6 series products support wrist optical heart rate monitoring, built-in color navigation map, support music and physiological indicators, etc., providing trendline popular routes, helping to search and choose the best route.

FENIX 6X PRO is the highest version of the 6 series, with stronger functions and battery life than the standard version FENIX 6 and the reduced version 6S, but the price is as high as about 7,000 yuan, and the other two are priced at less than 5,000 yuan.


Amazfit Huami | Smart sports watch 3 generations

Life functions are multi-functional, 80 sports modes


The third generation of Amazfit smart sports watch costs 1299 yuan and supports 4 different satellite positioning systems, but it is actually a dual-star mode of 3 combinations, and the GPS precision mode lasts for 35 hours.

Built-in 80 sports modes, equipped with Huami Technology’s self-developed BioTrackerTM PPG biometric tracking optical sensor, heart rate monitoring with high accuracy, using the FIRSTBEAT algorithm to analyze data. There are also Alipay offline payment function, NFC analog door card, music offline storage and other life functions.

In addition, there is an elite version priced at 1699 yuan and a limited edition of Star Wars, and the performance configuration of the 3 watches is basically the same, but the elite version will upgrade the Corning Gorilla Glass mirror and quick-release silicone strap to a sapphire mirror and quick-release fluoroelastomer strap, which is more durable.