After 8090, do you have any of these memories?

Recently, I suddenly wanted to do a memory kill, and fill the car USB flash drive with memories of the past. But with a vague memory, I can only remember these songs that were downloaded in MP3, welcome to add…

10,000 reasons

That night

Cao Cao

Wolves fall in love with sheep

Had to love

Don’t want to grow up

Don’t hurt me again


Ask for Buddha

Big city small love

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Perfume is toxic

Invisible wings

Autumn does not come back

Broke up that fall

Love when you die

People who have been hurt by love

Nocturne Jay

Huo Yuanjia

End of the world


Come back my love

I don’t regret it

Secrets that cannot be said

Love Transfer Eason Chan

Has anyone told you ?

There is a kind of love called letting go


Off song

Wait a minute

Damn tenderness

Funeral of roses

18 The Bund

Our remembrance

Pain in breathing

Write poems for you