You are far from the standard of attractive men, and you still lack a business style, which is not only mature but also uncle fan

The recent popular film and television works have a strong “uncle flavor”, whether it is Xiao Bao in “Ode to Joy 2” or Zhuang Shu in “Surgery”, they are all uncle roles with mature personalities and successful careers. And when it comes to the image of the uncle, it is inseparable from the character modeling with business characteristics.

In today’s society, where small fresh meat is rampant, there is always a force that has not been extinguished for a long time and confronts it, that is, uncles, commonly known as old bacon! The young and handsome new generation has no trouble pursuing new trends, but experienced uncles also have their own set of clothes for themselves.

Uncles with successful careers are always inseparable from formal, rigorous and textured business style matching, but if you think of business style or old-fashioned meticulous suit shoes, then you are very wrong! Facts have proved that business style can also grasp the trend and form different characteristics.

The weather is getting cooler, and business-style dressing has entered a relatively smooth period. If you want to jump out of the circle of the previous business image, you must win with textured outfits, so that you will not be just an uncle who squeezes the subway with a briefcase to work, but a trend uncle who can enter the TV series.

1. New minimalist suit

When it comes to business, suits are definitely the key word that cannot be escaped, but traditional old-fashioned suits are no longer your only option. Because of the prevalence of simple style, suits also have a trend towards simplicity, simplifying cumbersome, and convenient for travel.

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The suit with tie and cufflinks seems to have been put into a very formal occasion, and a simple small suit is more suitable for daily work travel, not only not only formal, but also to create a more relaxed and simple communication environment.

Business blazer

Herringbone slim fit blaze

2. Universal shirt

When you mention suits, you naturally think of shirts, these two are simply the best partners. Whether in film and television works or in real life, as soon as the shirt suit is put on, the image of a high-quality man immediately appears.

As a versatile artifact, shirts are the best choice for concave styling on the outside or inside. In addition to the classic black, gray and white colors, color is also a gradually popular element. Shirts have a wide texture, which can highlight the figure and lengthen the vision more than soft clothes, which is a must-have in the wardrobe.

GXG shirt

Casual white shirt

3. Business suit pants

If you want to appear one meter eight meters long legs, you can wear white without suit pants, and suit pants can be called an artifact to show leg length. Because most of them are made of pendant fabrics, and the fit is lean, the upper body will lengthen the leg line.

Dark colors themselves have the function of showing thinness, so dark colors for suit pants are also the most correct choice. Whether it is a long or cropped model, it can not only make your legs straighter, but also instantly transform into a long-legged opa.

Casual suit pants

4. Comfortable casual shoes

If you remember the leather shoes that Dad wore to work, then we are definitely not talking about this category. The new business style is to seek new changes in the old impression, so casual leather shoes are the first choice.

Comfortable casual leather shoes have an office character in themselves, in addition to wearing them casually out on the street, sports, and even dating goddesses! The cost performance is simply not too high!

Casual cowhide shoes

High-top Martin boots

If you don’t want to be a dull business man, but also want to be a trend uncle, learn it quickly!

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