Skinny cheek sticks like lip balm Neon Country has a new gadget!

A slimming stick like lip balm

What is your impression of the face-slimming artifact? Is it a huge massage roller or an essence product that needs to be combined with various techniques? Everything is not so troublesome, and the face slimming stick of the Neon Country Ha-ri Quick brand is able to tighten the chin and eliminate edema.

The texture like lipstick absorbs well after massage, and the masseter muscles can feel sore and swollen during use. It visibly lifts the chin line and can be seen in 4 uses.

(Image source: Weibo @ A magical grass planter)

Netizens try face slimming sticks

Did you see the real picture? A small lip balm-sized face slimming stick, under the real use effect of netizens, it looks like the two cheeks have a different feeling, and the right side is tighter than the left masseter muscle.

HA-ri Quick Face Slimming Stick About 150 yuan/6g

Face slimming artifacts can not be missed

Beauty bar 24K gold beauty bar about 700 yuan

The 24K Gold Beauty Stick can produce 6,000 vibrations per minute, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, quickly discharge metabolic garbage and excess water accumulated on the face, and achieve the effect of firming and slimming the face in 3 minutes.

Japanese Seven7 topical face slimming gel

About 170 yuan/200g

The white gel-like texture is very refreshing, it feels cool when applied to the face, and it will be absorbed quickly with a gentle massage, and then there will be a numb, hot feeling, but pay attention to the fact that if there is a small wound on the face or some peeling dry, it is normal to have a tingling sensation when used. It has a full range of face slimming effects, and can also be used in the refrigerator to improve double chin, nasolabial folds, muscle sagging, chewing muscles, etc.

MTG Platinum Beauty Microcurrent Massager about 1500 yuan

Y-shaped massager is the shape that most conforms to the curve of the human body. By rotating the roller massage, a weak electric current can be released, stimulating the acupuncture points of the skin, promoting blood circulation and metabolism. This combats sagging and puffy skin. The big Y-shaped massager, which can not only slim the face, but also can be used on the abdomen, waist, buttocks and inner thighs, is the most comprehensive slimming artifact.

Cogit face slimming mask about 188 yuan

For a face slimming artifact that costs thousands of yuan, this face slimming mask of about 200 yuan is the most affordable to the people. The mask is made of ultra-strong elastane fiber and far-infrared material, which is not only strong in elasticity, but also comfortable to wear. Cut from forehead to chin to fit perfectly, there are also a variety of shapes that cover the entire face or just the contours of the face. Using the simplest physical principles to improve the face line, as long as you stick to it every day, the effect is very obvious.