Beauty Fresh Goods of the Week A must-have list of good looks

There are simply too many girls who shout “buy it again and chop your hands” every day, but how can this be hostile to their love of beauty? Whether you’re a “grass planter.”

Or “Spit Master”, want to transform into a high-value goddess, recently the following beauty fresh goods, you must get!

Muscle age counterattack through time and space


Orchid Revitalizing Serum


Is the skin in a bad state under stress and can’t relieve the skin’s troubles? Orlane’s new Revitalising Serum is packed with extraordinary repair power and is suitable for everyone, with an ultra-active formula that targets every cause of cellular dysfunction and resets the wrong parts to zero, making your skin feel like you’re traveling through a time tunnel.

Rouge paste enhances high appearance

Burberry Summer Showers

Natural Bright Rouge Balm ¥380/5g

The summer sun is shining, and your makeup needs to keep up with the bright rhythm! Burberry launches its new makeup line, Summer Showers, with a natural bright rouge balm that catches the eye. A delicate combination of pink azalea, orange poppy and pink peony, the rouge balm is soft-coloured and clear to the touch, and the innovative formula with 50% moisture gives you an instant healthy glow.

The stars promise you the most beautiful lip color

Anna Su Star Lipstick


Girls will always have a wish like a shooting star, and the dream of your youth Anna Su will help you realize it! The new Anna Su Star Lipstick is exactly the romantic lipstick of your dreams, packed with rose flower oil for long-lasting moisturization, ten delicate color combinations that shine and develop, gently rotate and make a wish to get the lip color you want most in this string of colorful stars to create the perfect look.

Fall in love with the elegant and fruity aroma in a second

Jill Stuart RELAX

Series in






Available on sale

In the morning, when the fresh and pure fragrance of citrus comes to the nose, the summer release is even stronger, like grapefruit and bergamot juice sprayed from a bottle. Freshness surrounds you, leaving you feeling refreshed. The Jill Stuart RELAX collection includes limited edition fragrances, body sprays, hand protectors, shower gels and UV sprays.

High-end niche mysterious aroma



Fève Délicieuse

A new fragrance

When it comes to the Dior perfume family, the most imaginable must be the real me and Miss Dior, but in fact, Dior has always had a high-end niche perfume line called Fève Délicieuse, and recently launched a new series of new perfumes, extracting natural fragrances from the fruit of the South American smoked grass bean tree, combined with warm breaths such as caramel, giving people a calming feeling of use, so that you can’t help but indulge in the sweet and mysterious fragrance world.

Shampoos can also be very artistic

Shu Uemura × a limited edition shampoo series of cross-border collaboration between Australian artists

Shu Uemura is playing crossover again! In 2015, Shu Uemura cooperated with Australian artists for the first time, drawing inspiration from fashion designers, the fun of trend illustrators and the little madness of tattoo artists, designed a series of very playful pattern designs on shampoo packaging, bright colors do not make your mood light up!


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