Top 10 hydrating and moisturizing masks with a good reputation

The weather is indeed very dry this season, I see that some friends have dry faces, this time there is no more hydrating than a mask, 15 minutes of quick hydration, especially fast, to ensure that your skin is moisturized and good-looking.

The following 10 masks, hydration is currently the strongest, hydration fast, good effect, comfortable to use, the key is that we know that everyone’s daily hydration is used quickly, use more, are very affordable, cost-effective.

Lancôme Black Bottle Essence Hydrating Mask

Main effects: hydration, soaking repair, whitening and brightening

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type

Each mask contains a lot of essences, allowing your face to absorb nutrients and become more delicate and radiant. The absorption effect is also very good, when you use it, you will feel that the mask is getting thinner and thinner, and the texture is also very moist, it will not feel too sticky, the taste is also very fragrant, and the sense of use is very good. After using it, I can immediately feel that the skin is much more tender, and it is more radiant, there is no feeling of tightness, and the effect is very good.

Spring Rain Honey Mask

Main effects: soothing and moisturizing, moisturizing and brightening, moisturizing and elastic

The cost performance of this mask is super high, the price is less than 100 yuan, but you can experience the effect beyond the price. First of all, its ingredients are very mild, using honey, natural and effective, not picky skin, sensitive skin can also use with confidence. The effect of hydration and moisturizing is also obvious, and you can feel that the skin is moist and smooth after use, and I personally recommend this one.

Pechoin 8 cups water mask

Key Benefits: Quickly hydrates and supples skin

Classic domestic products, used to use it all the time, and then felt that hydration and hydration are not as good as before, may be used more, or used better, this is still very good for young girls, under 20 years old, cheap, for little sisters hydration enough, this is the benefit of youth, young age, water loss is not so fast.

Lazy electric massage mask

Main effects: peptide rejuvenation, hydration, massage repair

Miao Xiaoxian’s skin care products have always been known for high-end scientific research technology, this mask without applying is also its star product, with a very comprehensive effect, no additives, no pigment, no hormones, no chemicals, pure nature, any skin type is very suitable.

Inspired by massage theory, the newly designed rollerball application method brings comfortable pressure to the skin, while adhering better to the face, allowing the essence to penetrate the skin more and better, giving more pressure to the face, especially around the eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth, etc.

The innovative formula soothes the skin and quickly quenches thirst, with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients that absorb easily and provide a deep treatment that leaves skin soft, smooth and in balance. It also assists the red light micro-vibration massage, so that the essence penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin faster, increasing the rapid repair and hydration effect of cells.

SK2 White Mask

Main Benefits:

Lightens yellowness, soothes and moisturizes

I personally feel better than my ex-boyfriend mask stick! This can be used for repair after sunburn, and also quickly and effectively soothes and reduces red heat. This is my favorite mask, which effectively penetrates the surface of the skin and intensively repairs the skin. After applying, the skin is relatively clear, and the skin will be bright the next day, which also has the effect of removing yellowness and lightening melanin.

Membrane Saga Cherry Penetrating Hydrating Sleep Mask

Main effects: moisturizing, nourishing and moisturizing

Suitable for skin types: dry, oily, normal and combination skin

The texture of this mask is very light and thin, not only is it easy to push on, but it is also easily absorbed by the skin, even if a thick layer is applied, the skin can absorb it quickly. The smell of the paste has a light fragrance, pink and tender, full of girly feeling. After one night of treatment, skin will become very hydrated and refined the next day. It can be used either as a sleep mask or as a wash.

L’Oréal Ampoule mask

Quickly hydrates, hyaluronic acid shines

At first, what attracted me to this mask was its packaging, which is really interesting, the mask paper and the essence are separated, and it feels very refreshing when pinched haha~ And the essence can be quickly absorbed after melting into the mask paper, and the mask paper will not have essence ticking, but completely integrated into the membrane paper, apply seconds to replenish water, the skin has the feeling of drinking water, and the essence is too much to use up, so the neck and joints can be arranged.

Laneige Night Repair & Firming Mask for Pampering Condensation

Main Benefits: Hydrates, effectively calms and soothes the skin

Suitable for skin types: All skin types

Laneige’s skincare products are still very nice and cost-effective. And the use of this mask is particularly good, the night firming repair is very good, especially in winter if you are not willing to apply the mask, you can apply this mask directly.

Its texture is like a cream, but it is clearer than the cream, very moisturizing, and the hydrating effect is particularly good, but it will not be greasy at all, the upper face absorbs quickly, and the face feels tender and tender after waking up in the morning, which is one of my favorite masks commonly used at night, and it is very worthy of Amway to everyone!

Morita mask

Infiltrates the skin base and improves dryness

Billed as Morita’s town store ace, this mask replenishes Hydra and contains the core nourishing ingredient uric acid. The main benefits are deep moisturizing, brightening and soothing and refined. It can effectively infiltrate the skin at the bottom of the skin, retain moisture, improve dryness, strengthen the moisture barrier, and not easily lose moisture. And the mask paper of their home mask is cut and pasted reasonably, very fit, and fits the skin. It is most reassuring to use at the turn of spring and summer.

Pechoin Triple Flower Mask

Main benefits: hydrating and moisturizing, invisible absorption

Camellia, calendula, snowdrop, these three in addition to the difference in taste, the use of the essence is similar in feeling, the mask paper is used “invisible” thin through, the absorption is good, the essence is more sticky but not greasy. Basic hydration and moisturizing still do!

All right! The above is today’s sharing, be an elegant and beautiful woman together!

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type

Main Benefits:

Main Benefits: