Baby’s first gift in early autumn is a ziza-style Nordic children’s high chair

All say:

Three rains in autumn, rice turns into rice; The autumn rain is drenched, and the land is full of gold

This means that the crops are almost ripe!

Dear dads than mommy, have your little babies eaten obediently? Eating well is a top priority for your baby, so dad can take advantage of the beautiful season to buy an exclusive children’s chair for your baby!

Ziza Nordic style children’s high chair

Why share this Ziza Nordic style children’s dining chair with you today? The four words “beautiful and material” can be very apt to describe it! What problems can Ziza Habit Nordic High Chair solve?

The Ziza Nordic style children’s high chair can free dad’s hands and never have to chase your baby all over the world to feed! Let the baby develop a good habit of eating obediently. At the same time, it also subtly makes the baby feel the ritual of eating a full meal. Most importantly, babies eat independently, which can make baby’s brain development a lot of benefits.


Fresh Nordic style perceives the beauty of art;

Scientific arc backrest protects the baby’s spine;

The macaron color system meets the needs of male and female babies;

In terms of materials:

Solid wood imported from Europe, the wood is strong and does not crack;

All environmentally friendly recyclable materials, food-grade imported PP materials;

Functional design:


Disassemble the integrated front armrest, which can be used by both large and small babies;

No leg clamping; Detachable dinner plate, more convenient cleaning after meals;

racing-grade linkage seat belt, the pyramid center of gravity is safe and strong;

Installation aspect:

Easy installation, mom can easily get it;

Choose from two styles: tall and short;

The high chair is 870mm, which is 4cm taller than the family dining chair;

Let the baby be at eye level with adults and better parent-child interaction;

The low chair is 560mm, and the play and frolic fit the baby’s height.

It is suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years old, pay attention to the hemp if you like it!

Ziza Nordic style children’s high chair

Ziza Nordic style children’s high chair

Ziza Nordic style children’s high chair