Noble temperament, elegant and natural British style

British style, as the name suggests, refers to the British design style, derived from the British Victorian period,

Mainly evolved from British clothing, British style clothing will mostly use Scottish plaid decoration, with good tailoring and simple and slim design, reflecting gentlemanly style and aristocratic temperament, and some will have a European college flavor. The modern British interior design also retains this elegance and natural special temperament.

So far, with the integration of history and culture, the British style has also retained its elegance and nobility, and more youthful elements have also appeared in it. Modern British style emphasizes practical functions, pays attention to creating a simple and elegant sense of space, requires meticulous craftsmanship for decoration, and on the basis of ensuring the use of space functions, European classical furniture, crystal chandeliers, Roman columns, fireplaces, etc. to create a gorgeous and graceful British atmosphere.

The British style is born with royal blood, so it is necessary to create an aristocratic style that conforms to the royal temperament in terms of space, reflecting a more stylish, elegant and noble temperament, and its sense of space is more prominent. Generally, the space in the porch, entrance, etc. is particularly wide, with high ceilings, high windows, and multiple herringbone sloped roofs on the roof to achieve the combination of lighting and architectural beauty, with extraordinary temperament.

The fresh and natural breath of British style is expressed through the fabric material,

Scottish plaid is a symbol of British style, often used in tablecloths, curtains, sofas and other decorative items to highlight the nobility and grandeur of British style.

The use of cloth and with broken flowers, checkered, stripes and other patterns, simple and a little elegant and chic. Moreover, the fabric material can soften the sense of seriousness, making the whole space more light and bright.

British style more or less needs to add some retro elements, showing a unique texture and decorative effect. The retro elements preferred by this style include Scottish lattice and antique bricks, and the use of handmade brick walls with retro and natural characteristics, etc., showing a solemn and classical feeling. For example, a large number of paintings and artworks in the interior decoration have a great impact on the style of the space, showing the taste of British style in an unconventional way.

As an important object in the room, furniture can usually affect the overall style effect. British style furniture is divided into different emphases, including pastoral style, simple style, retro style, gorgeous style, etc., shaping different charms.

British-style decoration also requires plants to enhance the natural atmosphere of the interior, making it more vivid and not monotonous. The color of plants is usually mainly elegant, more textured, and plays a good decorative role.

British-style design often looks simple and natural, but the essence contains many connotations, which is a noble and gorgeous style outlined with line senses.

Compared with some monotonous styles, the British style that reveals a fresh atmosphere in the calm style is much fuller, combined with the retro taste, highlighting the atmospheric elegance of the entire space, appearing more self-style, personality, and openness.

It gives people aesthetic enjoyment.

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