Cute Love Doll Home 2.0 crochet leaf placemat (with knitting illustration)

Weaving Life Doll Home 2.0

Due to a pixel placemat estimation error,

The remaining two clouds of green,

So I sprang one in the green grassland,

Original picture comparison, original unstitching, printing, one needle counting,

Make this beautiful set of placemats.

In line with the principle of making the best use of things,

Adjustments have been made on the basis of the original solution,

Imitation of the same coaster,

It’s a pity that the remaining line is only enough for one coaster,

It’s a bit of a pity.

『Title of the work』

With Line:

Weaving Life Doll House 2.0, 2 Regiments (024 Green)

Gold thread (wire for knotting hangtags)

Crochet hook:



Weaving instructions:


1-9 turns of the main part

10-13 circles of aquatic flowers part

Stem and gold wire pulling part


The remaining line is only 4.8g, which is only enough for one

The original solution is offered

Thanks for sharing the weaving antidote

Weaving records are presented

It’s not easy to make and shoot,

Please indicate the source of reproduction

• end •

Author | Gluttonous cat