Lock your favorites with one finger – Mars Exploration Fingerprint U-Lock U8 trial experience

Lock your favorites with one finger – Mars Exploration Fingerprint U-Lock U8 trial experience

Forget to bring the key may be an embarrassment that each of us will encounter, not only will be mistaken, but also may cause certain losses, and with the popularity and application of smart fingerprint locks, this embarrassment will be less and less, the key will gradually disappear in our lives, then the appearance of fingerprint locks facilitates our lives and makes our travel more convenient and enjoyable. The author today will introduce to you a high-value, high-performance smart fingerprint U-shaped lock – Mars Exploration Fingerprint U-shaped Lock U8.

This fingerprint U-shaped lock is a smart product belonging to the Xiaomi ecological chain, which has a sturdy and durable metal anti-theft lock body and stainless steel lock beam, safe and efficient biometric fingerprint recognition and 0.5s unlocking. The R&D team creatively applied fingerprint recognition technology to the U-shaped car lock, you only need to move your fingers, you can lock your car, making outdoor travel more safe and convenient. So what exactly is the experience of it! Let’s have a feel together! Thanks to Yizhi Mushroom for the product.


U8 is packed in a rigid carton, and the outside is protected by thick shockproof foam, and the protection is still in place. The design of the packaging box is simple, and the physical sketch of the product is printed on a light yellow background, highlighting its sense of technology. The English name of the product is printed in blue letters in the middle.

The side uses icons and English notes to summarize several features of the product.

The shockproof foam mold with grooves inside is filled with various accessories of U8, which are neatly arranged without interfering with each other.

In addition to the lock body, lock beam and charging cable, the accessories are also equipped with two mechanical keys in case of emergency.


U8 is divided into two parts, the lock body host and the lock beam, which is no different from the traditional U-shaped lock.

The lock body size is 130*32.2*50mm, solid zinc alloy material, strong and durable. The black paint finish is slightly matte and has a strong metallic texture.

The top middle of the lock body is recessed for easy holding. There is a keyhole on each side, and only the internal springs and buckles are visible from the outside.

On the left side of the front of the lock body is a square fingerprint sensor, built-in high-resolution fingerprint recognition module, which can quickly complete fingerprint recognition within 0.5S, the false identification rate is less than 0.002%, and the speed and accuracy of recognition are quite high.

The upper part of the fingerprint reader is equipped with a charging interface and blocked with a protective rubber plug, which is waterproof and dustproof. The charging interface adopts the Type–c interface, which can realize forward and reverse blind interpolation, so it is more flexible and convenient than the traditional D-type interface.

The sensor and charging interface are equipped with a movable protective cover, which is waterproof and dustproof, and the cover is designed with a tiny protruding handle that can be pushed and pulled to achieve opening and closing, and the push and pull is not loose or sluggish, which is more convenient.

The movable cover not only prevents the fingerprint sensor from bumping or dust falling in, but also prevents rain erosion.

The rubber stopper of the charging interface will play a good waterproof and dustproof effect.

The right side of the front of the lock body is printed with the brand logo “Areox”, and the black and white characters are both beautiful and eye-catching.

The bottom of the lock body is designed with an emergency keyhole, which is also blocked with a soft rubber plug to prevent rain and dust erosion. But the surface of this waterproof cap is flush with the bottom surface of the lock body, so it is not very easy to open it, and you need to use a toothpick or something like a tip to open it, so the author recommends setting a protruding handle on the waterproof cap to facilitate opening.

The corners and arcs of the whole machine have been polished to make it feel comfortable.

Back of lock body.

The size of the U-shaped lock beam is 200*115*16mm, which is made of 420 stainless steel, which is better than ordinary stainless steel in terms of strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. The 13mm diameter stainless steel solid lock beam can resist 14 tons of hydraulic shears to prevent violent damage from hacksaws, electric drills, etc., and it can be said that there is still a great guarantee in terms of safety.

Another feature is that generally we see the lock beam on the market is almost all metal directly exposed, long-term rain erosion, scratching will cause the lock beam to feel rough, not only ugly appearance, but also reduced strength, and the outside of this U-shaped lock beam is wrapped in PVC up to 3mm thick, which not only avoids the above problems but also feels delicate, beautiful and practical.

For the lock, the quality of the lock cylinder is crucial, then this lock adopts a higher security B-level lock cylinder to effectively prevent the technology from unlocking, and the solid metal lock body can achieve the effect of double-layer protection.

It is worth mentioning that after months of efforts by the R&D team, this U-shaped lock steel beam two-way locking function, that is, when unlocking, both ends of the lock beam buckle need to be unlocked at the same time to open, the advantage of this design is that even if you spend a lot of effort to pry open a lock beam, but the other lock beam is still dead in the keyhole, due to the characteristics of the U-lock, you will never be able to take away things that do not belong to you. Security will also be greatly improved.

【User experience】

In terms of perception, this fingerprint lock, although it is similar in shape to the traditional U-shaped lock, its excellent workmanship and strong black matte metal material make its high-end atmospheric quality undoubtedly leaky, and the pressing is extremely high.

In the feel, because the lock body is frosted, the friction between the palm and the lock body is increased, and when the lock body is held, it is neither slippery nor rough, and the scrubbing strength is just right.

The lock beam wrapped in PVC is not only stable to hold, but also in the cold winter there will no longer be the cold feeling of the hand when touching it.

U8 supports fingerprint and mechanical two unlocking methods, fingerprint unlock is currently more mature technology, it has convenient, fast, efficient and other characteristics, U8 equipped with a high-resolution fingerprint module, with the help of artificial intelligence fingerprint algorithm, maximize the optimization of recognition speed and accuracy, then after the author’s actual test also found that its performance in fingerprint recognition is still very powerful, the recognition speed is very fast, can fully achieve its claimed 0.5 seconds recognition effect. Especially the Didi prompt sound after unlocking it made me instantly feel that it is really very high-tech.

And mechanical unlocking is of course in case of emergency, such as the lock body is out of power, the emergency key will make you have no worries. Key unlocking is no different from ordinary unlocking, and it is still easy and convenient.

In terms of anti-theft brush, the author also used his own finger fingerprint film to do the test, the results show that the fingerprint film has no effect on this lock, can completely eliminate false fingerprint unlocking, which also benefits from the U8 using advanced semiconductor live biometric fingerprint recognition technology, only reacts to real person live fingerprint recognition, greatly improving security and accuracy.

For car locks or door locks, wind and rain are common situations, then U8 is also in place in terms of waterproofing, waterproof level to IP65, fingerprint reader and charging interface equipped with protective cover, keyhole waterproof cap and U-shaped lock beam front of the waterproof rubber pad also plays a good role in waterproof and dustproof effect, including the built-in battery also uses polymer waterproof battery, to ensure that it can work safely in rainy days. The author also personally tested it, and the lock body can still be unlocked normally after being wet by rain.

U8 supports up to 10 sets of fingerprints, including 1 group of administrator fingerprints and 9 groups of user fingerprints. First press and hold the sensor to enter the administrator fingerprint, and then enter the user fingerprint, the input method is no different from other fingerprint locks, and multiple sets of fingerprints meet the sharing of family and friends.

In terms of charging, the built-in polymer waterproof battery has a capacity of 260mA and the charging time is about 1.5-2 hours. The standby time is calculated according to 4 switches per day, which can theoretically last for up to one year. At the same time, it also has a low battery automatic reminder function, when the power is less than 20%, it will automatically send out an alarm sound to remind users to charge in time.

U8 as a car lock and door lock can bring greater safety and convenience to your travel. You don’t have to worry about finding your keys and delaying your trip, or the tedious and laborious process of unlocking, you can easily do it with just one finger and be safe and secure after that.

【Summary of advantages and disadvantages】

First, the advantages:

1. Beautiful appearance and reasonable design. The material is thick and the workmanship is fine.

2. Fingerprint unlocking is fast and convenient, solid lock body and steel beam are strong and durable, effectively preventing violent damage.

3. Waterproof and dustproof and meticulous and thoughtful, the effect is remarkable.

II. Deficiencies and Suggestions:

1. Although the waterproof sealing cap at the keyhole position is not used often, it is still recommended to make it in the form of a handle to facilitate opening.


After a few days of trial, I found that this U8 not only has a calm appearance and meticulous workmanship, but also has a very outstanding performance in waterproof, anti-theft and safe and efficient fingerprint unlocking and other functions.

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