Subversion! A pure cotton T-shirt that absorbs more water than an aunt’s towel, sinks to the bottom in 5 seconds when exposed to water, and wears 100 yuan out of a thousand yuan fan

If there is one piece of clothing that is a wardrobe must-have, it must be the “universal shirt” – a white T-shirt.

▼No matter what the occasion, the white T-shirt is definitely versatile▼

Girls can also be used to lengthen their bodies

But in summer, ordinary T-shirt clothes will fit snugly on the body, wet and sticky, and not comfortable at all!

There is often an embarrassing look below.

Today, I will bring you a super comfortable one

Gleaning cotton.

5 seconds sinking T-shirt, after wearing other T-shirts are spicy chicken!

Left: The cotton T-shirt did not leak 1 drop of water, all absorbed Right: The water of the ordinary T-shirt leaked all and did not absorb

Xiaobian test, the water absorption effect of cotton T-shirts is 170% of that of ordinary cotton T-shirts.

After sweating, it will be absorbed instantly, and no matter how much sweat you have, you don’t have to worry about sticking to your body.


Cotton T-shirt

It does not deform or yellowing after washing for a long time

More absorbent than an aunt towel, 5 seconds submerged water to absorb sweat, soft and breathable

5 seconds submerged in the summer sweat does not stick

For a good T-shirt, the material is the most important! Pure cotton T-shirts, must use good cotton to make ~

Selected from the most scarce long-staple cotton in Xinjiang

Pick up cotton T-shirt use for bath

More than 2,900 hours of sunshine in Xinjiang Aral peach bud cotton

, known as the “golden cotton” of long-staple cotton.

The softness, gloss, skin-friendliness, breathability, elasticity, etc. are far beyond ordinary cotton.

Strong light, large temperature difference is conducive to nutrient storage, and the soil is sandy soil, in order to grow good cotton

▶ In order to ensure the quality of the cotton T-shirt, the selection of cotton is extremely demanding:

First of all, in the cotton plant after ensuring that the seedlings become high-quality buds, the spit cotton nuts are carefully selected at the bell stage, and the daily wheel is in 25-30 rounds (due to the temperature difference between day and night, it shows obvious layers on the cross-section of the fiber, called the daily wheel), and the soft and long part is picked up in the cotton tire, rather than the period when all the cotton in the flower field is ripe.

In addition, the cotton growing period is 200 days, the picking period is concentrated in 40 days, and the cotton must be picked from September to October every year, otherwise by the end of October, the cotton will be on the ground.

Due to the small number of people in Xinjiang, the cost of harvesting is also extremely high. In addition to the cost of picking, natural disasters such as floods and droughts also determine the scarcity of peach bud cotton.

The cotton T-shirt is made of Aral peach bud long-staple cotton, and the fiber length reaches more than 33 mm (the best length of cotton is within 31 mm).

Fiber length is an important indicator to judge the quality of cotton

, the longer the spinning yarn, the greater the strength. The longer and the finer the spinnable yarn, the better the color of the fabric, the smoother the feel,

A short length means poor cotton quality

Long-staple cotton is mostly used for high-weaving and high-density fabrics, such as anti-chemical and anti-atomic radiation cloth, and some high-grade textiles and knitted threads.

▶ To identify whether it is long-staple cotton, the method is as follows

1. The ingredient trademark is marked as 100% cotton, and whether it is pure cotton is identified first.

2. Long-staple cotton will only be used for high-count and high-density fabrics and high-grade home textiles.

3. Long-staple cotton will have a silky smoothness that ordinary cotton does not have.

4. Long staple cotton feels better than ordinary cotton.

Speaking of which, ours

The T-shirt is high-end enough

, you can buy it home and follow this method to verify!

Measured water absorption capacity: 5 seconds of submersion

▼ After the actual measurement of Xiaobian , the whole cotton T-shirt will sink in 5 seconds, and the water absorption effect can be said to be very intuitive!

▼ And ordinary T-shirts will not sink immediately even if they are pressed with eggs.

▼ The absorption capacity is even more than a piece of aunt towel, so some people jokingly call this T-shirt an “aunt towel” T-shirt.

▼The right side is a cotton fabric,

Quickly absorbs water and drains moisture

The effect is obvious

▼ There are even test reports that prove that it is more absorbent than first-class towels and softer and skin-friendly than baby tissues.

Quick suction dry cotton absorbs moisture and wicks away perspiration

Under a high-magnification microscope,

The cross-section folds of the peach bud cotton fiber increase the function of moisture absorption and moisture removal

By fast absorbing cotton energy

Rapid absorption of body surface sweat

, diffuses to the surface of the cotton fabric, increases the liquid surface area,

Rapid evaporation of water vapor is formed

to keep your body surface dry.

As shown in the following figure

The principle of moisture wicking is roughly shown in the figure below

▼Cotton fabric can export the hot moisture generated by the body and adjust the body temperature.

The drying speed is more than 3 times that of ordinary cotton

The fabric fabric fibers come from the cross-sectional structure of the four pipes, grooves

Accelerates the discharge of sweat to the surface of the fabric

Is it breathable after it is wet???

We put the cotton T-shirt on a humidifier for a test, and the clothes were gradually soaked, and then gas came out of the clothes.

This proves that the T-shirt is not only moisture-absorbing but also breathable.

The 10 layers of fabric are breathable

Even if

The 10 layers of fabric are stacked on top of each other, which is also very breathable

In the hot summer, it can also make you feel cool.

Super comfortable I don’t want to take it off when I put it on

Choosing a T-shirt should also pay attention to the sense of wear, and the cotton T-shirt has undergone a yarn twist treatment process of less than 40%, so that

The fabric is delicate and skin-friendly, just like baby skin

, also known as “baby lint cotton”.

The cotton T-shirt is a double-stranded yarn of 40 pieces and an adult weight between 190-200g.

The high count ensures that the clothes are soft and comfortable enough.

Thread count: T-shirts are generally 21 and 32 pieces, the higher the count of threads, the softer.

30-60 cotton yarns, mainly for high-grade knitted cotton fabrics

And the standard grammage of 190-200g makes the clothes moderate in thickness,

It’s breathable enough, and it’s not thin enough to make people excited

Grammage: generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric, the greater the grammage, the thicker the clothes, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, short sleeves in 180-220 grams of this thickness is just right.

Wash without yellowing and color loss

T-shirt made of peach bud cotton fabric,

The effect after washing 20 times, no yellowing, no color loss!

You can wear it for several years without having to change it with a new one!

The neckline is not deformed, the workmanship is fine, and it is fanciful enough

The well-designed T-shirt cedar neckline, different from ordinary products, the neckline design is clever, but also more aware of the trend, and the quality is extremely high.

The special elastic threaded neckline, no matter how to wash, will not be deformed, and the ordinary T-shirt neckline is very easy to deform.

▼In addition, every detail of the clothes is carefully made, and the quality can be seen in the details.

▼Repeated friction will not pill! Awesome

The original fabric of this cotton T-shirt is inherited

National cotton 17th factory 100 years of ingenuity

Integrating modern technology, each piece of cloth must go through 37 processes to ensure the quality and feel of the T-shirt.

Commemoration of the 17th National Cotton Factory!

The 17th National Cotton Factory, founded in Shanghai in 1921, was an early Japanese-run Yufeng Mill, which was nationalized after liberation. It is also the first enterprise in the country to mass-produce cotton-type acrylic yarn, supplying 40% of the country’s cotton cloth.

At its peak, the factory had more than 8,000 employees

It is an honor for young girls to work as textile women in factories.

When it comes to extraordinary times, the story is skipped … After the reform and opening up, the “ingot storm” that shocked China affected all the textile industry, equipment was eliminated, workers were laid off, factories were idle, and the once brilliant National Cotton 17th Factory was depressed.

In the 21st century, under the huge investment of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shangmian 17th Factory was transformed into an international fashion center.

This time, in order to commemorate the factory and the lost youth, the T-shirt uses the cotton fabric of pick-up while retro the elements of old Shanghai, making the T-shirt more story and texture

In the packaging is also a lot of effort, cotton and linen environmental protection packaging bags, retro design also outlines the emotional side, more highlighting the inheritance of ingenuity.

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or wearing it yourself, it’s very face~

Three-dimensional fit looks good no matter how you wear it

There are so many white T-shirts, some people wear them well, some people wear sloppy, which requires fit and outfit.

The T-shirt is cinched 2cm at the waist line for a better fit.

Generally, clothes grow below the waist, and too long will look sloppy, so don’t choose too large a size, and wear it with jeans for better results.

In addition, this dress also has a children’s version, soft and comfortable clothes without irritation, so that children can absolutely wear it and fall in love.

Thinking that the whole family is wearing clean white T-shirts must be very warm.

Size reference

▶ After buying a cotton T-shirt Tips:

(1) Avoid hot water washing and use cold water as much as possible;

(2) Do not pull hard during the washing process, let alone spin the dryer to dry, so as not to cause deformation of clothes;

(3) Avoid directly ironing clothes with an ironing machine;

After the editor got it for the first time, I only felt so textured and comfortable.

The overall comfortable feeling is like petting a cat, delicate and silky, people can’t help but rub a few times on the T-shirt, and the thick feeling of the clothes is especially like pinching on cotton bones, soft and solid.

Honestly, after putting it on, I don’t want to take it off.

Pick cotton T-shirt long wash, no deformation and no yellowing

Children 89 yuan and adult 99 yuan

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Another 10 RMB discount!

More absorbent than an aunt towel, 5 seconds submerged water to absorb sweat, soft and breathable

Super comfortable I don’t want to take it off when I put it on