Handmade silk carpets, inseparable home goodies in life

Money in the world will depreciate, but high-quality mulberry silk Persian carpets will appreciate. Silk carpets not only bring beauty and comfort to the home, but also a symbol of taste, well preserved and can be used for at least 100 years.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer high-end handmade silk carpets on the market, because they are all hand-woven silk carpets in the late nineties and early this century. It can be described as time-consuming and labor-intensive, and some high-level handmade silk blanket weaving may take 3-5 years, requiring superb skills and strong perseverance to complete, which is the value of time and spirit accumulation. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer artists who have the patience and ability to make handmade silk Persian carpets, because too much time and energy are consumed. Such works of art cannot be mass-produced, they will only become less and less, and each one is unique. Those who love art will love the ancient silk weaving artwork – collectible handmade silk carpets.

The material is high-end mulberry silk, which is tough and shiny. Traditional Persian carpets are hand-knotted and weaved. Dyeing uses natural plant mineral raw materials, rejects chemical adhesives, natural and environmentally friendly. The following pictures are real shots, which are really charming. The pattern is delicate, the color is rich, the mulberry silk material is insect and mothproof, light and easy to care, and more durable than wool carpet. ???