Can’t tell the difference between bedline, sheets, bedspreads, and bed skirts? An article to help you figure it out

When it comes to bedding, our first reaction is often a four-piece set, a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. In fact, the four-piece set is not only a four-piece bed sheet, but also a bedspread four-piece set, a bed-skirt-type four-piece set and a bed-hatter-type four-piece set.

Although these five four-piece sets are only one word difference, the styles and functions are very different, and I will take you to distinguish them together.

(1) Bed linen

Bed linen is probably the most used bedding in everyone’s daily life, almost a must-have for everyone, the style of right-angle sheets, rounded sheets and European rounded bed sheets.

The main role is to cover the mattress, play a role in pollution protection, some sheets are designed very beautiful, but also have a decorative role.

It can be used on the mattress,

However, the sheets will easily slip and wrinkle after sleeping, and it will take more time to take care of them.

(2) Bed skirt

The bed skirt is a curtain hanging down the side of the bed, installed around the bed, the usage is the same as the sheet, but after covering the bed, the three sides except the side of the bed will hang down with lace or skirt cloth, completely blocking the bed.

It mainly plays a decorative role, can cover the debris under the bed, and looks more beautiful.

Bed skirts are limited by the size of the bed, and it may take time to find the right size when purchasing.

(3) Bedspread

The bedspread is a cloth cover that covers the entire bed.

The main function is dust prevention.

Bedspreads generally have cotton filling and quilting positioning processes, and the overall look is relatively full and beautiful. Some people like to crochet bedspreads with floral patterns,

Most of this type of bedspreads are mainly aesthetic and decorative.

(4) Bed

The bed is a well-known and used bedding in recent years. Unlike sheets, it can wrap the entire mattress, the fit is relatively high, it is not easy to slide, and it is worth buying for those who do not sleep honestly and do not want to clean up the sheets every morning.

The protection of the mattress is also in place, basically in line with the 360° all-round wrapping. In addition, many beds in addition to dustproof, but also add waterproof, anti-mite and antibacterial effects, which can effectively protect the health of family members while taking good care.

There is no need to worry about appearance, although it is a wrapped design, there is still a lot of room for choice in color and pattern. You can also choose different fabrics according to personal preferences and skin sensitivities, and there are many fabric options for bed kasa, such as cotton, bamboo fiber, ice silk and polyester fiber, etc., as well as thickened cotton and brushing according to seasonal and temperature changes.

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