Not a vase, count the sexy action actresses on European and American screens

1, Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, a wild, rebellious, sexy Hollywood alternative actress who debuted; A great mother who always adheres to her ideals and beliefs; A woman who does not bow to difficulties. She has been on the top 10 sexiest women in the world almost every time, and a Swedish magazine has named her “the sexiest woman in existence”.

Action movie masterpieces: “Agent Short”, “League of Assassins”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

2. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is like Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Rowland who traveled through time to the 21st century, the same curves, the same bold dress style. She doesn’t have the domineering condescending Angelina Jolie, nor the figure of Megan Fox, she is plump, but her height is a shortcoming, making her proportions a little out of balance, and she has never gone out of her way to correct her uneven teeth, let alone pull out her ribs to have a slender waist like Monroe, making her look so real. Scarlett’s body is comparable to Marilyn Monroe, she is both avant-garde and retro – with the style of an old-school Hollywood actress, while exuding the confident temperament of the new generation, both classic and modern beauty.

Action movie representatives: “Avengers Series”, “Captain America”, “Superbody”

3. Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is a famous actress born in Ukraine. Her father was a Yugoslav doctor and her mother was an actress of Ukrainian nationality. She moved to Los Angeles with her parents from a young age, and in 1984, when she was only 9 years old, Mira began filming a TV series. In 1985, at the age of 11, she entered the modeling industry. Photographer Richard Avedon took a photo of her, which appeared on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine, and was the youngest cover girl in an American fashion magazine. In 1986, she was named “The World’s Most Memorable Woman”. Milla Jovovich regularly does fashion shows and fashion advertising campaigns for Banana Republic, Anna Molinari, The Gap, Calvin Klein, Redken, and many other big-name designers. To date, Mira has appeared in a total of 29 films, the most influential of which is the “Resident Evil” series

Action movie masterpiece: “Resident Evil Series”

4, Kate Beckinsale

From the tender nurse in “Pearl Harbor” to the delicate and cute bride-to-be in “Fate”, the dark Beckinsale is even more charming. The heroine who played the vampire princess in the movie “Van Helsing” is impressive. “Fate” has further established her status among Hollywood A-list actresses. And the charming female vampire she portrayed in the “Legend of the Night” series of movies is heroic and sassy, showing the coldness of clean and sharp knife licking blood, and this series of films has also become a classic in vampire movies. This “English rose” blooms in charming colors under the Hollywood sun, and is known as a temperament actress who “combines classical beauty and modern beauty”.

Action movie masterpiece: “Legend of the Night Series”

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Beauty + intelligence + opportunity allowed Catherine to smoothly enter Hollywood society. Red and purple, she shocked the American media, describing her with titles such as “She played with our hearts and stole our souls” and “The new princess of Wales”. Sean Connery, who co-starred with Catherine in “Counting Things”, praised her as one of the most beautiful actresses he has worked with, and what Connery admired even more was her professionalism. However, in addition to her perfect face and seductive body, Catherine’s down-and-out attitude is also a high-profile feature of her, and she can speak openly about her views on sex, criticize extreme feminists, and show that women must be good at using feminine talents. Her charm makes it difficult for every man to refuse.

Action film masterpieces: “Sky Stealing Trap”, “Zorro Series”

6, Uma. Thurman

Uma Thurman is a woman that people will not forget at first sight, because of her face that always has a mysterious expression. Some people say that Uma’s face is beautiful to the extreme; Some people say that it is a face full of defects, a pointed and long nose, deep eye sockets, eyes that are too separated, hard lines…

Uma was named one of the most beautiful women Hollywood has ever seen by a magazine, but people are divided about her beauty.

Some believe that the umma has the pure face of an angel or child, spotless and vulnerable to injury.

Others felt that Umma had a fatally seductive charm in her eyes, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden that seduced Eve.

Also, Uma is soft on the outside and rigid on the outside, cold on the outside and hot on the inside, and she seems to say unceremoniously to those who violate her: Cough, don’t mess with me!

The beauty of the umma is complex, and its culmination lies in God’s perfect impartiality, giving too much content to the same face, making it not dazzling but eye-catching attractive.

Action movie masterpiece: “Kill Bill Series”

7, Cameron. Diaz, Drew. Barrymore, Liu Yuling

These three sides don’t need to be introduced, Masterpiece: “Thunderbolt Series”

8, Kelly. Annie. Moss

Canadian actress Kelly Anne Moss quickly became popular in the international film world with her cold, resolute personality, otherworldly beauty, and her role as cyber warrior Trinity in “The Matrix” directed by brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski. Her most classic image should be the action of circumventing the wall in “The Matrix”.

Action movie masterpiece: “The Matrix Series”

9, Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the first black actress in history to win an Academy Award and one of the few black “Bond girls”. She has “a face that makes people want to kiss, a body that wants to hug”, and a salary that makes all Hollywood actresses envious.

Action movie masterpieces: “007 Died on the Chosen Day”, “X-Men Series”, “Catwoman”

10. Sandra Bullock

In the 1990s, she became popular, and her representative works include “Speed of Life and Death” and “Beauty Pageant Undercover”, which has since established the status of a Hollywood A-list actress. Recent masterpieces include “Weakness” and “Fake Marriage”. On March 7, 2010, US time, the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles, and Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress Award for “Weakness”. In 2010, Forbes magazine launched the list of Hollywood actresses, Sandra came out on top.

Action movie masterpieces: “Speed of Life and Death”, “Agent Beauty”

11, Kayla Knightley

Keira Knightley rose to fame at a young age, and her first role was at the age of 9 in Moira Armstrong’s A Village Affair (1994). But Knightley’s first appearance was in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) as Queen Amidala’s stand-in Sabe. In the 2003 fantasy blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean”, she partnered with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom to play the daughter of a governor who was actually wild and untamed in appearance, which not only made the film a box office hit, but also made her a star and won the favor of many famous directors. In 2006, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” was released, and “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” was released in 07. During this period, films starring Kayla such as “Pride and Prejudice”, “Spirit Jacket”, “Atonement” and other films have gained a good reputation, and Kayla, the “English rose”, blooms proudly and has become the busiest and most watched actress in Britain and even Hollywood.

In the list of the world’s most glamorous celebrities published by the British women’s magazine “New Woman”, Hollywood beauty star Kayla Knightley topped the list.

Action movie masterpiece: “Pirates of the Caribbean Series”

12, Gina Davis

Geena Davis was born on January 21, 1956 in Wareham, Massachusetts. Gina has dreamed of becoming an actress since she was a child, and she failed to become a cheerleader in high school because she was too tall. After graduating from high school, he attended New England College and transferred to Boston University the following year to study drama. After graduating from college in 1979, she immigrated to New York and began her career as a saleswoman, waitress, and tried to find opportunities to become a model. At the age of 23, she finally became a contract model. While modeling, he was favored by Hollywood producer and director Sidney Pollack and played a small role in “Tootsie” (1982), which was well received and has since entered the film industry.

Gina then moved to Los Angeles to develop, first in the critically acclaimed television series Buffalo Bill and later on her own TV show, Sarah. He soon returned to the screen with Transylvania 6-5000 (1985) and soon followed by the successful Flet (1985). Following “Detective Ancient Spirit”, Gina made a horror remake of “The Fly” (1986). Gina’s more successful films were Tim Burton’s black comedies Beetle Juice (1988) and The Accidental Tourist. In 1988, Gina unexpectedly won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for “The Unexpected Traveler”, and in the same year, Gina co-starred with Jim Carrey in the movie “Earth Girls Are Easy”, which was well received. She went on to make several more comedy films, including “Earth Girls Are Easy” and “Two Women, One Man and Three Fugitives” (Quick Change). Gina’s 1991 starring in Thelma & Louise once again earned her two film nominations, Oscar and Golden Globe. “A League of Their Own” starring Gina and Tom Hanks became a turning point in her career as an actor, and later films, the audience response was mediocre. After marrying director Renny Harlin, the two formed a production company, but their first few films had poor box office revenues. Gina’s other major works include “Cutthroat Island” and “The Long Kiss Goodnight.”

Action movie masterpiece: “Agent Crazy Flower”

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