Do you want to worry about it in autumn? One piece of solid “sweater” is done, energetic and advanced

Autumn is also a rainy season. The temperature will get less and lower after entering the fall, I believe many girls have fallen into the troubles that do not have clothes. The match is able to make this bleak season more beautiful, it can bring a lot of fun.

In autumn, the most popular kind item is definitely the match of sweater sweater, which can create a fashion and handsome, it will become more energetic.

The autumn looks often requires a single product that requires a sense of ambience. With sweater, you can create a full style without spending too much. The thickness of the sweater is also just good in the fall, there is only the effect of heat preservation, and it will not overcome the demand, and there is a young energetic.

You can also dopate a lot of classic style, create a full style. In numerous sweaters, it is also the most popular with solid color, through color to highlight the sense of fashion.

About the autumn sweater, the first-grade is a gray as the most classic color, representative colors and high-level synonymous, and the gray sweater is too wild.


When you just wear sweaters, wear a white bottoming, revealing a level of layering, the lower body with blue jeans and sneakers, perfectly created an autumn street fashion dress, and everyday wearing very Comfortable.

For choosing solid color sweater, it can be more bold. This year’s epidemic milk yellow can also become the first choice, the yellow sweater represents a sense of ambience.

I don’t know how to match color when it is matched, there is no hypothesis, and the integration between the bright and darkness is high. A pair of white shoes are just equalized to balance, wear a vitality and gentle effect.

Among the four seasons, green seems to be absent. In early autumn, the short green sweater overrides a shirt, and there is a feeling of youth in small tie.

The lower body is equipped with a pleated skirt and Martin boots, the autumn atmosphere is full, and the age of age is not missed for girls who like campus style.


Lake green is a special popularity in summer, and a clean color. Also stacked, short sweater can create a short-length manner, there is a visual increase effect.

The lower body is mixed with gray sweatpants, and the overall style is more fashionable, using color and style to present very fashionable effects.


After entering the autumn and winter season, the milk is white as if it suddenly, and there is no white eye. Choose a milky white sweater with black trousers, the color is deep, and there is a layer of level and extremely rich. Created a strong sense of fashion, clean and very handsome.


Pink is a color of a girl who represents a girl in countless women, and it is not absent after entering the fall. A touch of pink sweaters with white skirts, exposed ankles, and the color of the shoes and echoes each other, and more coordinated between up and down.

For this more pink color like pink, you must try to match white or black. Will break through the color of the pink and girl, maintain a balance, so that the match is more daily.


About sweater’s matching, solid color will be more simple, and clean and neat, there is not much flowers, whistle patterns, but better match, but also better.