Long-distance self-driving tour video recording artifact, more suitable than GoPro and DJI, unfortunately has been discontinued

I am often asked: what dashcam to use and why is it so clear?

This matter can not be explained in one or two sentences, and the shooting equipment I use has long been discontinued.

Therefore, simply write an article, explain this matter clearly, and the next time someone asks, just throw the link to the article.

If you want to see the video effect, you can watch the following video first:

On the last day of the long holiday, Chongqing National Highway was stuck in traffic, 6 hours and 400 kilometers, can it cross Xi’an?

It’s not a dashcam, and the GoPro doesn’t work either

First of all, it should be explained that the shooting is clear because the camera is placed on the roof of the car, and there is no windshield, and the clarity will be much higher.

This also dooms the impossibility of using a dashcam, but must use a camera with a certain three-proof capability.

The following prerequisites also need to be met:

It can shoot stably in various environments without crashing

It can be taken by connecting to an external power supply or while charging

In the state of external power supply, it still has a certain waterproof and dustproof ability

There is no limit to the length of shooting

Action cameras are the only option, and not all action cameras are suitable.

For example, the GoPro is not suitable for this situation because it cannot shoot while charging.

DJI’s Action can be taken with an external power source without batteries, so it is a usable device.

But I’m not using Action either.

Product lines that have been cut

After the advent of GoPro, many competitors appeared one after another. Japan’s Sony and even Nikon have launched products with the same positioning, but they have not made any waves.

Taiwan’s GPS professional manufacturer Jiaming has also released action camera products, and has its own advantages and has its own unique features in GPS applications.

However, after launching four generations of products with different forms in a row, it did not open the market, and had to cut the entire product line.

I used Garmin’s second-generation action camera, the Garmin VIRB XE.

In addition to being able to shoot without battery, the biggest features are reflected in the figure below.

While shooting video outside the car, the VIRB XE can simultaneously receive and record GPS information and other Garmin device information.

This information, in turn, can be graphically superimposed on the video in the video editing software VIRB Edit.

For example, in the above figure, there is a graphical display of speed, time, driving distance, latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude and other information. It should be emphasized that since the time information is obtained directly from the satellite, the accuracy is very high.

The gimmick is greater than practical, and it ends dismally

Garmin developed VIRB Edit with a focus on the traditional outdoor sports and extreme sports market, trying to create an ecosystem with its own wearable devices.

But for outdoor, extreme sports, which are already niche, this function is even more niche. There is no utility for most people, and it may be new at first, but there is not much incentive to continue using it later.

After all, it is still more troublesome to operate.

If the car OBD data can be received in real time, the application can be more extensive. In fact, some OBD data can be used in VIRB Edit at the earliest, but it is not known why it was canceled later.

After VIRB Edit, Garmin launched the supposedly upgraded VIRB Ultra 30, which actually lost its features.

Next up is the VIRB 360 panoramic camera.

But it did not make any waves, and the entire line has been discontinued. The editing software VIRB Edit has not been updated for three years.

Quality performance records the journey enough

How is an action camera attached to the roof of a car?

Some people use suction cups, but I always find them unstable, especially on bumpy roads.

Strong magnetic plus base, compact structure is stronger than suction cups

So I used

Strong magnetism

。 The base is glued to a strong magnetic sheet and fixed to the roof by the suction of the strong magnet. That’s pretty solid, and it’s been five or six years without any problems.

The VIRB XE’s shell is strong and has a 50-meter waterproof capability, which can be fixed directly to the base without any problems.

Contact-type interface

The power and data interfaces of the VIRB XE are unique, contact-based, and theoretically watertight.

But in actual use, during a heavy rain last year, the original power line was burned out due to a short circuit in the water.

Amazingly, the VIRB XE unit did not suffer any damage, but could not continue charging.

VIRB XE assembled with the base

Recording in 1080P, 50 frame format, VIRB XE can record more than 10 hours of video when using a 128G memory card, which fully meets the needs of general recording and sharing.

Used products and substitutes

The new VIRB XE is still on sale, but the price is too high to be purchased. Second-hand products are seven or eight hundred yuan, if you need it, it is worth buying.

In addition, the price of DJI’s Action new product activity has fallen into the 1500 yuan range, and the shooting performance is much stronger than that of VIRB XE, if you do not pursue GPS information recording, it is also very suitable as a self-driving travel video recorder.

Action connected to the base by a rabbit cage

However, it should be noted that Action can only record 212 minutes on a 128G card in 1080P, 50 frame format. If you choose DJI, you still need to prepare two or three more 128G memory cards.

In addition, the waterproof performance is completely lost when the Action external power supply is connected, and it cannot be used outside the car on rainy days.

If you have any questions about car shooting, please feel free to ask in the message, I will know everything.

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