Fabric| rose bud coin purse, youth invincible and cute

1. Choose the fabric and color, I chose a lazy cloth, saving the trouble of color matching:

2. The rose petal part of the coin bag is divided into 4 layers, all composed of 55mm square cloth, the color changes from dark to light, the number is 3, 5, 6, 7 pieces, first cut out the paper type with cardboard, and then cut it on the cloth according to the paper type, a total of 21 pieces are needed:

3. Put a small amount of PP surface in each cloth, and then stitch it as shown below, which is more like making dumplings, but this dumpling skin is square:

4. After all the 21 pieces of fabric are sewn, the dark 3 pieces are spliced as the first layer, and then the groups of 5, 6 and 7 pieces are spliced as shown below, and fixed with bead needles, and finally stitched together:

5. Put the sewn 4 layers in a group as shown below:

6. Cut out a circle with a diameter of 90mm from cardboard and prune the roses sewn on it according to this circle:

7. Use this circle to cut out the coin purse lining (2 pieces), auxiliary cotton (1 piece), and 1 piece on the back of the coin purse;

8. Start sewing the inside pocket of the coin purse and sewing the zipper as shown below:

9. Sew the handle of the coin purse, cut a strip of cloth about 25cm long and 2cm wide (according to personal preference), then fold it in half and sew it:

10. Cut a 30cm long 2cm wide strip of cloth (2 strips) to make a hemming cloth, and stitch the front and back of the coin purse as shown below, and the back needs to be covered with auxiliary cotton:

11. Stitch the front and back of the bag with the inner bag separately, note that it needs to be fixed with a bead needle before suturing, and the stitching method is dark seam:

12. The following picture is the stitching effect of the dark seam, pay attention to the side of the bag when stitching, for the installation of the handle, special instructions: because the inner bag and the zipper are sewn first, so now after sewing, there is no trace of the zipper on the inside of the bag, which is different from other tutorials:

13. Ding-dong! Finished product appreciation: