Koi’s solemn statement

Forward Yang Transcendence, lying down can also win.

Beyond the amulet, the exam must pass

Since forwarding Yang Transcendence’s meme, Yang Transcendence’s emoji has also been wildly sought after by netizens.


Recently, Wa Haw Wowa Entertainment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. issued a statement, saying that in recent days, some businesses have appeared on the Internet for commercial purposes, fabricated facts without authorization, and used Ms. Yang Chao’s portrait pictures without authorization, and carried out commercial hype, which seriously violated the artist’s portrait rights and reputation rights, and caused great distress and reputation damage to Ms. Yang Chao.

“Our company and Ms. Yang Chao will reserve the right to pursue their infringement liability and protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.”

People who really love koi have come forward to support

But some netizens said: It’s still no problem for portraits to be used for memes.

Scratch the point! Scratch the point! Scratch the point!

Use of memes

If you do not make and use live-action memes for profit, you only need to ensure fair use and do not infringe on the reputation rights of real people. Once the purpose is profit, it is necessary to seek the consent of the portrait rights holder and copyright owner, otherwise it will constitute infringement.

If netizens make or use live-action memes in chats or moments, it does not constitute infringement of portrait rights due to lack of profit-making purposes.

However, if it is “using the published works of others for personal study, research or appreciation”, it is fair use, and does not require the consent of the copyright owner and does not require remuneration. Therefore, it is generally believed that the production and use of such memes by ordinary netizens for non-profit purposes is not copyright infringement.

If the character of the meme is judged to be clearly recognizable by factors such as cartoon image and word matching as a whole, and clearly points to a real person, it will also constitute an infringement of portrait rights.

The red line of the meme:

Compared with the vague moral bottom line of emojis, the relevant laws and regulations constitute an insurmountable red line in the process of emoji transmission.

What do you think of this report about memes?

Do you want to clean up your memes?

For young people, chat without emoji is soulless, emoji are more important than punctuation, no chat is an emoji that cannot be solved, those who want to take exams and win the lottery can no longer forward Yang Chao’s emoji, and there is even a risk of infringement if they are used unreasonably.

According to the search, there are 11 trademarks, of which the earliest was registered on September 11, and the scope of service is mainly in soap; cleaning preparations; shampoo; Bath; Spices; Cosmetics; Toothpaste; Perfume; deodorants for personal or animal use; Air fragrances.

The influence of celebrities is large, so there is no lack of people who want to rub the heat, celebrities register their names, stage names, etc. as trademarks, which can prevent others from infringing and registering for commercial purposes to climb infringement, and it is also the first step for celebrities to build their own exclusive brands, which can not only protect the brand, but also lay a good foundation for the development and operation of the stars themselves.

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●Garbage patent, what a fragrance!

● Refuse to become the shadow of “Shadow”, who benefits from the battle for music copyright?

●Cai Xukun strength pet fan registered “IKUN” trademark, what about your “idol”?

● With a market value of 2.8 trillion yuan, you must see the business layout of Internet giants!!!