The skirt of the young lady is an irregular skirt, and the white style is clean and elegant, very beautiful

As mentioned earlier, because of the clothes worn in life, the skirt of the little sister is an irregular skirt, the white style is clean and elegant, and the irregular skirt is also to give people a charming feeling, so the temperament of the young sister is very light, very suitable for famous female students, in order to match the short skirt that can increase the leg line, she makes the whole person’s temperament more elegant.

Nowadays, with the continuous update and development of fashion skirts, suits have also shown popularity, from young whites to veterans in the workplace. When matching suits, everyone prefers a classic and formal style, so this also leads to most of the looks being dull and old-fashioned or dull.

And using a blazer to match the printed skirt CP is the most eye-catching and fashionable matching routine in early autumn, one rigid and one soft neutralized, so that your autumn outfit is not only beautiful to a new height, but also very atmospheric and attractive, easy to win a lot.

The arms designed by blue and black cowbucks can make the waist line sexy and attractive to a certain extent, full of vitality, and can highlight your chest. Simply sensual sexy god! The design with an elastic band at the waist is bold and sexy, as if no one can get rid of this beauty!

It is not that the basic color is black, it is completely possible to match different effects through different colors, black and gray coffee and other basic colors coordinated and layered, but in order to avoid the color is too concentrated in the upper or lower perimeter, it is best to neutralize the colors, the whole is consistent, and the parts are staggered.