Liu Wen and Yang Zi’s fur coat, it is recommended that everyone have one here

Accompanied by a very strong cold wave, the wind blows through and the rhythm is instantaneous. Although the weather has become cold, there is no shortage of fashion in the heart, and the most mentioned and popular fur coat in the autumn and winter coat family makes this early winter full of softness.

Yang Zi, who celebrated her 29th birthday in a plush knit, is really not too cute, and the basic black inner layer is layered inside, which not only subtly shrinks the vision, but also firmly captures the girl’s heart.

Obviously, in the face of the snowy weather in the north, knitting will inevitably be blown through, Liu Wen’s two plush jackets on the upper body are more wearable than each other, whether it is denim or horseshoe pants, they can be fashionable and casual in the cold wind.

Not only the cuteness of the fur coat was picked up by Liu Wen, but even another fashion supermodel, Kendall Jenner, wore a warm plush coat, and sure enough, its fans were all over the world.

When it comes to a soft and cute plush jacket, don’t be fooled by its appearance, it was originally a specially created uniform for the Air Force, and its ability to withstand the cold is no less than that of a down jacket.

In the classic 1962 movie “The War Lover” starring Steve McQueen, the costumes of the male protagonists testified to the popularity of plush jackets at that time.

At that time, the popular characteristics of plush coats were also relatively vague, and the combination of deerskin fleece and lamb wool was more in line with the hippie fashion trend than the texture of the whole lamb’s wool.

In 2009, Hermès’ lamb wool bomber jacket officially ushered in a new era of plush fashion.

Hermès 2009FW

MaxMara’s “Teddy Bear Icon Coat” set off a plush fashion trend in 2013, easy to wear versatile brown, more cute than the fierce queen style, and a variety of personalized interpretations also make it an autumn and winter classic that cannot be ignored.

MaxMara 2013FW

Looking back at this year’s show, Mao Mao’s style is still hot, and in the hands of different designers, its shape and materials are more diverse, small and lean, sharp and graceful, constantly expanding the different style of “Mao Mao World”.

Bottega Veneta 2022SS / Chloé 2021FW

Celine Spring/Summer 2021 Picture Book

Have you not understood or discovered that there is a hardcore heart hidden in the original soft plush? After reading its history, this warm is completely OK, the degree of softness is max, and the sweet and cool and handsome coat can also avoid bloated and fashionable out of place.

For Jimei, who is trying a lamb wool coat for the first time, you can start with a short one, and the tall fit has a high degree of fit for all kinds of girls.

Clean white and soft yellow are good choices for plush jackets, because of the visual expansion of the plush jacket itself, so the choice of underwear can be as simple as possible, dark gray straight casual denim can maintain the basic contrast while also perfectly defining the leg line.

Fashion supermodel Elsa Hosk / White Deer

Or wear it with a slightly tighter pair of classic flared blue denim, which brings a touch of French elegance to winter through the plush indifference and slim pants, and the loose visual sense of the upper body can also set off the slimmer leg line.

Not only does denim look good with a plush jacket, but sweatpants are also very good. The nine-point + shrunken pants fit is also better, and colorful socks and high-top casual shoes can bring sports coolness into the plush winter.

Xu Lu / Zhang Yifan

There are also more casual coffee-colored casual trousers and short plush jackets that can also collide with a different sense of fashion, and this low-saturation color combination makes the texture and taste of the outfit quickly improved.

The extremely lightweight white slacks are also the super CP of the lamb wool coat, the slightly flared loose fit makes the overall look more relaxed, and the pure white also pulls the winter breeze up a level through soft color transitions.

Liu Lingzi / fashion blogger Caroline Daur

In addition to pants, the plush jacket is also fashionable to walk up and go down, and friends who are not particularly hardy can choose a pair of super long boots, sweet and cool, beautiful and warm Itgirl is not you.

Rose / Fashion blogger Tiphaine Marie

Compared with short plush jackets, the warmth of the long style is naturally needless to say, so sisters who still want to wear skirts in winter can be bold.

Choose a mid-length beige plush jacket that doesn’t fit your knees, but you must remember that the plush doesn’t have to be too long, and you can stretch your legs a lot with a pair of Martin boots that create a perfect style.

Fashion blogger Xenia Adonts / Fashion blogger Caroline Daur

Slightly longer white, beige plush coat with pants to pay attention to the lightness of the fabric and color, do not wrap yourself too tightly when wearing, the slightly open way to make the inner layer also have more room to show, short inner + high-waist pants are afraid that they are not long legs?

The long plush coat is actually a slightly darker camel color than the light color, the fit can also reach the ankle, in the face of cold and hot weather as much as possible to wear as thin as possible, take off the coat, still a charming little fairy.

Fashion supermodel Chen Bige / fashion blogger Aimee Song

When the coat is buttoned, the exposed leg area is also reduced, so a pair of ankle perfectly defined boots or narrow legs can come in handy, and the details are not to be missed this winter.

Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek / Fashion blogger Mandy

Fashion blogger Caroline Daur

If you want the aura not to be reduced, the boots must be standard, not only the boots should be high enough, but also the toe cap may as well be sharper, which can well weaken the sudden feeling brought by the plush coat, and the sharp femininity is immediate.

Fashion blogger Leonie Hanne / Fashion blogger Aimee Song

Of course, sisters who don’t want to stay the same can also buy a highly saturated plush coat that is super popular this year, bright yellow and Klein blue, which also adds more clarity to the winter wardrobe.

Zhang Jiani / Fashion blogger Mandy

Are the little fairies who are afraid of the cold moved? In fact, the reason why the plush jacket can become a must-have item this autumn, in addition to its versatile and fashionable interpretation, also pokes the feeling of “wanting to retain warmth” in the heart, and A and milk It is also interpreting the beauty in a special way, regardless of the seasons.


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