Behind the fire of “Little Huanxi”, the most important thing to see through

In recent days, the TV series “Little Huanxi” has frequently appeared on the hot search because of its authenticity and grounding. It is labeled as an “urban emotional drama”, but the whole drama looks like the contradictions and reconciliation between parents and children. Often the most touching people and things are the most ordinary people and things, because they are closest to life. You can best see your own shadow from the plot on the TV series, which is also an important reason why “Little Huanxi” can be a hit.

It is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Lu Yingong. The writing of “Little Huanxi” began as early as January 2017, and the completion time was also very fast, from interview to completion in five months. In the first two months or so, Lu Yingong went to more than a dozen middle schools to interview more than 300 teachers, students and parents, accumulating a lot of materials. He said, “The original book is also a novel that reflects social phenomena, focusing on the pain points of the Chinese family parent-child relationship, but there are no gimmicks, some are just ordinary families and ordinary lives.” ”

“All three families are facing the pressure of going to school and should have worked together, but the parent-child relationship has become a pain point, and each has its own contradictions.” Lu Yinggong said that all three families are fighting for admission to prestigious universities, and parents are mostly realistic and think that it is best to screen and filter decisions for their children, but children are more willing to insist on their opinions. There is too little communication between the family and the conflict between parents and children.

In such a family environment, parents and children, perhaps not right or wrong, love and kill each other. In contrast, many parents now want to put aside the pressure of real life and take their children to a happy family parent-child trip.

When it comes to parent-child travel, the first thing that pops into your mind is a hotel or a playground? And since when did all kinds of artificial play facilities equate with travel? Children in the digital age, with Lego, Disney, musicals, five-star hotel pools and children’s meals, have also lost the joy of running wild in nature and the opportunity to get in touch with the real world.

Nature is always the best teacher for children.

Come to the Yinwu River Valley, this section of the Great Dukou. The surface of the water is like a blurry layer of water vapor, and the pervasive humidity clings to the water and grass in the shallows.

Seeing a horse leisurely eating grass, seeing me approaching it, he leaned over to me unsuspectingly

Watching the fish in the water along the river, the idea of sitting quietly and fishing here will arise, which is not good for the tools to be brought together, and the family will go into battle.

Life is full of surprises, children’s exploration is endless, before staying by the river for a while, they immediately found some “little friends”.

As the saying goes, “I haven’t eaten pork, I haven’t seen a pig run”, but now it can be reversed, many children eat it happily, but have you seen what this “raw material” looks like? There are so many wonderful things in this outside world that you can’t rely on the Internet to understand it.

After a short trip to the river, I started walking on the lush meadows again, passing by a gust of wind and setting off green waves. If you look closer, you will once again feel the charm that nature has passed on to you.

On that side of the mountain, on the other side of the sea, there is a group of elves, sometimes very mischievous, sometimes quiet…

Elves are attached to the nature on which they depend.

With its green eyes, insects chirping and birds chirping, the land under my feet, and the occasional raindroplet falling on my arms, I like to wear sandals to feel here!

The evening sky was not gloomy, but a bright orange yellow, and the mountains were dyed with a thin red glow under the light of the setting sun.

Travel experts share tips:

First of all, there must be one

A large backpack that is sturdy and lightweight

,, generally we will try to bring more sets of clothes for children, preferably quick-drying clothes, but also to prepare an extra pair of shoes for children, adults’ luggage can be saved, can not bring as much as possible, weight-bearing hiking is very physically consuming.

Hiking shoes should preferably be waterproof

, and it must not be new shoes that have not been worn, they will grind their feet. In addition, it is needed

Hiking poles, knee pads, sun protection clothing, be sure to pay attention to sun protection

, Even if it is cloudy, it is easy to sunburn.

Also bring it


, raincoats do not buy that kind of bat sleeve, in the top of the mountain wind and rain, bat sleeve raincoat will make you stumble. Also bring it

Fleece sleeping bag

It is used to keep warm when camping at night.

There are no places you can’t go, only parents who don’t have big enough hearts. But taking a baby out is not just a matter of big heart, in order to leave a good impression on the child and let the whole family have a good hiking experience, mothers should also work hard to do their homework. Have time to come to Yunli villagers’ public account to leave us messages related to hiking parent-child travel, which will make you less detours!

Close to nature, close to family, walking, strolling, it is better than staying at home, heart is not as good as action, go to the group to make an appointment, let’s go!