How much is the sterling silver bracelet? These points determine the price of sterling silver bracelets

Silky silver bracelet is a very high cost-effective, and the sterling silver bracelet is also the first jewelry of many girls, but the price of sterling silver bracelets has different different. Because the price of sterling silver bracelets is different, someone will have doubts, the sterling silver bracelet is in general, how can I choose a good silver bracelet. Today, Xiaobian is here to give you a brief speaking, and the price of sterling silver bracelet is determined.

International factor

Silky silver bracelets will affect the price of some factors, although gold is the most affected metal, but silver is also fluctuating due to the international point of factors. For example, common fight, inflation, dollar falls, etc.

Brand factor

The price of sterling silver bracelets sold between different brands is different, such as the internationally famous luxury brand selling will be very expensive. This is mainly because of these luxury brands, it is not selling this product, mainly selling this brand brand, and a face sold, it will make you more confident when wearing out. So if you want to cost, you should choose some common brands of silver bracelets.

Craft factor

Different silver craft style will have different prices, such as silver bracelets made of machines, which do not need to add too much labor and surcharge. If it is an ancient silver bracelet production method, it will charge a relatively large hand-made cost, because ancient process is to manually produce.


If it is a normal sterling silver bracelet, the price is estimated to be 20 yuan, because the international silver price is about 10 yuan, but also needs to increase production costs and production fees, so it may reach 20 yuan, a sterling silver bracelet is probably 10 grams, so a sterling silver bracelet price is about 200 yuan. In addition, how much does it actually need to decide according to the brand you purchased.