Don’t say I didn’t tell you, wearing this embroidered long coat is too windy!

In the cold autumn and winter, a long coat is of course an essential item. But, in addition to the black and gray camel, you can also boldly try an embroidered jacket this season~ Sister Ba took a look at the matching of fashionable people and found that it is definitely a winning piece that can break the dull shape of autumn and winter, because it is really beautiful!

From left to right: Gucci Fall/Winter 2016, Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2016, Valentino Fall/Winter 2016

This autumn and winter, the embroidered long coat exudes the classic charm of combining East and West on the runway, and the classic and fashionable coat, the delicate pattern decoration, makes the long coat become a unique piece of charm.

Delicately embroidered long coat

Keep warm and stylish

The embroidery pattern decoration on the gray tweed jacket makes an ordinary coat immediately delicate and special, and it is simple and elegant to wear with a turtleneck sweater.

The gold long embroidered coat is noble and luxurious, with oriental charm, and the print pattern increases the sense of design, do you dare to try such a “yellow robe plus” piece?

The orange maxi coat adds a vibrant touch to the autumn and winter look, and the blue velvet and embroidery pattern subtly combine modern chic with classic beauty, and you are the most attractive goddess on it.

The blue embroidered coat is delicate and elegant, embellished with white beads, like antique blue and white porcelain, which is heartwarming.

The pink embroidered pattern coat is delicate and charming, bright and bright, quite ethnic, if worn in autumn and winter, it will undoubtedly add to the sense of fashion.

(1) Prada metallic floral jacquard hooded coat

(2) Rachel Zoe off-the-shoulder velvet dress

(3) Dolce & Gabbana mini shoulder bag with embellished velvet metallic leather

(4) Jimmy Choo mirrored leather heels

Classic embroidered long coat?

One piece to wear oriental charm!

The velvet embroidered robe is full of charm, and the noble luster and exquisite embroidery design bring out the classical beauty to the extreme.

Blue silk embroidered long coat, unique Chinese style, elegant and aura, with a pair of gold high-heeled boots, walking with the wind~

The pink embroidered long coat is soft and beautiful, and the black fur trim at the cuffs adds a mix and match to the look, and it is also worn with a green sweatshirt.

This floral embroidered jacket looks gorgeous and can be worn with ease! This kind of coat with its own aura is a must-have item this season.

The embroidered jacket with a floral and bird motif is very Chinese-style, and the pink and gold threads outline the pattern is very charming.

(1) Erdem double-breasted metallic jacquard coat

(2) Equipment silk-satin midi dress

(3) Jimmy Choo hammered embossed gold clutch

(4) Prada suede mules

Long coat embroidered on black background

Full of aura

The black velvet coat is decorated with embroidery of flower and bird patterns, which is delicate and good-looking, which balances the dullness of the black coat well.

Outline the embroidered long coat with gold thread gorgeous and atmospheric, wear it and you are the most imposing queen!

Just the back shadow achieves the effect of full aura. This black embroidered coat with a pattern is draped over the body, like a fashion devil, can you hold such a queen style?

The long trench coat is not fancy even when decorated with colorful embroidered flowers, and can be simply tied with a belt to define the figure.

This extra-long embroidered jacket with a black background brings the sophistication and elegance to the extreme, and wearing it is enough to become a streetscape.

(1) Alice + Olivia embroidered organza coat

(2) Etro draped silk georgette blouse

(3) Aquazzura embroidered suede heels

(4) Chloé mini embellished leather shoulder bag

Planting grass, these embroidered coats are beautiful!

Alice + Olivia embroidered velvet coat $1,013

Available at Net-a-Porter

Gucci fur-trimmed jacquard coat € 14,045

It can be purchased at

Etro front and back silk wool-blend jacket for € 2,145

Has the fashion and sophistication of the embroidered long coat shocked you? The same goes for Sister Ba! So, don’t hesitate, hurry up and wear it, you are the most beautiful girl on the street this season~

Text assistance/Song Xuan

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