How to save a month before heating, large heating can also be driven – Borary heater data evaluation

Hello everyone, I’m Lao Ji Dali! Today, I would like to introduce you to the big magic weapon of the hard years before the heating period — the Borari heater. As we all know, there is no autumn in the northeast, step by step from summer to winter, the temperature is 20 degrees at noon, only a few degrees in the morning and evening, and the whole building is frozen through, resulting in the habit of sleeping and leaving an arm to clamp the quilt outside Lao Ji who is easy to be frozen awake at night every year this season, feeling that the shoulders are cold, in addition to discomfort, it feels very bad for the shoulders. Before the home has been using electric oil heater heater and small sun, these two heating methods, small sun light dazzling, completely not applicable, electric oil heater, the machine because of thermal expansion and cold contraction deformation will make a sudden abnormal noise, so that the neurasthenic old age is very troubled.

This time I started with this Borari heater, in addition to solving the problem of abnormal noise, but also because now moved to a house twice as large as the original, the heating rate of the previous heater is a little insufficient. Borari is an old British brand, it has 4 heating tablets + graphene heating to generate heat energy, and the heat dissipation area is relatively large, strong heating + high heat dissipation efficiency, and the whole machine does not have too many compact components, I believe that there will be no metal collision noise when thermal expansion and cold contraction deformation, so that Lao Ji will not be anxious.

Next, please take a look at this heater with Lao Ji, I hope it can also accompany you through one difficult autumn and winter after another!

1. Appearance review

This Borari heater is tall and ultra-thin, in addition to installing its own base on the ground, it can also be mounted on the wall through expansion screws to save indoor space.

It looks very thin from the side, so you don’t have to worry about putting it on the wall to get in the way.

The heavy base can be installed by itself as long as you twist two screws, the center of gravity is very stable, and it is not easy to push down the heater placed on the ground if you accidentally touch it, but families with children still recommend fixing the heater to the wall for use.

There is also a drying rack at the top, which can be turned back when not in use for storage. In the cold winter, hang the clothes on the hanger, get up in the morning clothes warm and dry, those rainy winter days, this is simply a dry clothes artifact

The water box at the top can choose to turn on the humidification function when heating, compared with the heating method of air conditioners and other heaters, there is a humidifier function, so you don’t have to worry about making people in the house feel dry mouth when heating.

The water tank is 300ml, there is no problem with continuous use for 4 or 5 hours, and it will not dry overnight.

The humidifier is not heated drying, but an active humidification type, just like the ultrasonic humidifier at home, it will spray moisture after start-up to maintain indoor humidity.

Looking down from the top, you can see the black heating sheet, the material is graphene and aluminum sheet, the heating speed is fast, and the heat transfer effect is good.

Well, after introducing the appearance of this heater, let’s use some instruments to actually test its actual heating effect.

2. Instrument test and practical experience

This heater has three temperature and energy-saving gears to choose from, the temperature can be selected up to 35 degrees, and there is a timing function, and the humidification function can also be turned on or off according to your needs.

Usually put it by the window during the day, it looks quite compatible with the light-colored decoration of the home.

Closing the curtains, Lao Ji did some tests to see how effective it was and whether it reached its publicity level.

Before turning on, put Xiaomi’s temperature and humidity sensor in the room for half an hour, and after stabilizing, you can see that the current room temperature is 19.6 degrees and the humidity is 42%.

Turn the electric heater to the maximum gear, set the temperature to 35 degrees, and turn on the moisturizing function. This heater is not like a heating device with hot air, it does not have any sound when working, the only sound of the whole machine is the slight sound of the humidifier jet, it is completely inaudible when it is far away, the decibel number in the house is about 34, and the decibel value in the room when it is not turned on.

A few minutes after booting, the average temperature of the heatsink outside the graphene heating sheet has reached a significant increase, and the machine heating body feeling is very obvious

The temperature in the room of about 20 square meters has risen from 19.6 degrees to 23.8 degrees.

If there are clothes or towels that need to be dried, they can be hung on the drying rack of the heater, and Lao Ji specially washed a towel for testing. After this towel is completely soaked with water, it is vigorously wrung out by hand to 90%, which is also wrung out by hand to the limit.

After 40 minutes, a large central area of the single layer at the bottom of the towel has been completely dry, and the temperature of the dry place is relatively high, which can be easily seen under thermal imaging. The edge of the towel and the overlapping hanging place on the upper part are not dry because the heat radiation of the back layer is blocked, but you can also see that the heat radiation effect of this heater is still very good.

Lao Ji continuously heated for 3 hours, the first 1 hour of heating up quickly, after the temperature reaches the approved temperature, the machine will enter the frequency conversion energy-saving stage, the machine is turned on overnight, the electric heater is set to 26-30 degrees, the machine itself has energy-saving frequency conversion function, one night down is very energy-saving and power-saving.

From thermal imaging, the effect of thermal radiation is obvious, with a slight difference in temperature from the left to the right side of the bed. The black stall in the middle is a wet towel that Lao Ji casually threw on it during the test, not bedwetting!!

3. Summary

Well, the review of this issue of the Borary heater is here, to make a summary

This heater heat sink, 2600W power is also relatively high, suitable for medium and large households before the arrival of the heating season heating use, the product is higher, the body is thinner, vertical and hanging wall are possible, the appearance of white appearance, very suitable for different scenes. The early heating speed is fast, the product has frequency conversion function, energy saving and power saving, and you will not feel distressed after driving overnight.

Considering the increasingly serious situation of insufficient public heating and the aggravation caused by the increase in coal prices this year, this electric heater can also be used as auxiliary heating during the heating season. For example, my mother’s house is only 21 or 22 degrees in winter, in order not to worry about them, they said that the home is not cold, and then I moved back to an electric heater, they also open it in winter, and the indoor temperature must be at least 25-26 degrees to be like spring.

It is completely different from the air conditioner heating that blows more and more dry, this heater can maintain humidity under the premise of heating, and the throat will not dry when you wake up after sleeping overnight, and it will not wake up dry in the middle of the night. Compared to the passive humidification ratio of no humidification or adding a bowl of water to the small box on the heater, the comfort is much improved.

The content of this issue is here, if you have any questions about this heater, please leave a message to Lao Ji in the comment area! I’m Lao Ji Dali, thank you for watching, love you!