Cute and playful doll collar style, cute and cute are all you!

Looking at a very simple fit, but very tuned, the upper body is fashionable and generous, the overall is very famous temperament, noble and elegant, easy to control, after receiving it, everyone will definitely have a feeling of low-key luxury

Beaded bow decoration, sweet temperament burst! The streamlined and fashionable style adds a bit of fashion, with a princess sweet retro style, a slim fit, and it is very good to wear with skirts or pants

Small fresh preppy set. The vest is with the shirt Oh Very fresh and sweet, essential for reducing age, can be used as a matching piece The vest can be worn alone, and the skirt worn by the model, ,

Romantic tone doll collar shirt, handmade tie bow, white doll collar design, short front and back length, whether worn alone or matched can highlight the fashion sweet style, foreign trade cotton blend shirt,

This shirt retains a little office style while having a wild square neckline, and if you can, remember to pull it up to expose your little shoulders to make your collarbone glamorous

This shirt has a very simple design with a doll collar and color-block buttons to decorate the upper body is particularly good! And the colors are ice cream, sky blue, white, bean green, and a small suspender inside is perfect to wear open

The essence of this shirt lies in the ruffled design and the details of the balloon sleeves, which are fresh and versatile! It’s casual when paired with shorts, and it’s more elegant when tied up with a skirt

Very Korean official website model Offset printing on the back Retro snowflake color Large loose fit Can be worn alone with T-shirts No matter how to wear it has a style Boys can also wear a vest


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